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How can Bridesmaids Help the Bride? →  December 8, 2010 0

You have had the honor of being asked to be a bridesmaid for one of your good friends’ wedding, an honor that not many others will be able to share on this wonderful day.  Bridesmaids know they will be front and center with the bride on that day, but how else can a bridesmaid help […]

How to Deal with an Unhelpful Bridesmaid →  December 7, 2010 0

So you have asked a few special ladies to be your bridesmaids on your special day.  Almost every girl is going to squeal with delight and agree to be a bridesmaid.  What greater of a compliment is there than walking down the aisle with the bride on that wonderful day? Unfortunately, a lot of bridesmaids […]

What to Get your Bridesmaids for a Gift →  November 29, 2010 0

After they have spent endless grueling hours reviewing and checking every part of your wedding over with you, spent money on a dress, spent money on having their hair and make up done, spent money on shoes and spent money on accessories and your wedding shower and your stagette… the list goes on and on.  […]