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How to Throw a Green Wedding →  December 6, 2010 0

Throwing an eco-friendly wedding is no easy feat when you start to add up just how taxing a wedding can really be on the environment.  If you are looking to keep your wedding as eco-friendly as possible, you certainly are faced with a great challenge, but the good news is that it is possible to […]

Planning a Green Wedding →  November 27, 2010 0

Weddings are not only taxing on our wallets; they’re taxing on the environment too!  Planning a green wedding may take a bit of extra steps and considerations, but it definitely is possible.    Let’s start with the most pressing environmental issue that arises due to weddings: Fuel Usage How many people have you invited to your […]

How to Have an Eco-Friendly Wedding →  November 26, 2010 0

So you can’t wait to get married, but you know that the whole “marriage” thing also leaves a lot of excess junk behind: scattered paper invitations, the fuel used by your guests to arrive at your ceremony and reception, the waste that naturally comes after throwing a huge party.  If you are looking into having […]