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Deciding on your Bridal Party →  December 7, 2010 0

As soon as you announced your engagement (or let’s be honest, as soon as your new groom-to-be let on he was going to propose) your friends have been sitting on the sidelines idly waiting to be asked to be a part of your wedding party. Though this can be one of the most exciting parts […]

Roles of the Ladies in your Bridal Party →  December 6, 2010 0

If you have never had a wedding before, you probably aren’t entirely sure just what everyone is supposed to be doing for you both before and on your big day.  Here is a guide that will help you delegate duties to the different people of your wedding party: Maid of Honor The maid of honor […]

Gifts to Give the Bridal Party →  December 6, 2010 0

They have been with you throughout this entire wedding planning process.  They have made the calls, sent the emails, and helped budget your money.  They have been there during your highest of highs and lowest of lows during these past several weeks, months, and maybe even years!  For all maids of honor and bridesmaids out […]

Choosing the Bridal Party: The Math Behind it All →  December 6, 2010 0

There really can be a method behind that madness that is choosing just how many bridesmaids, groomsmen, and ushers you will need to pull off your big day and keep it looking balanced and harmonized.  If you’re wondering just how many people to put into your bridal party, here are some of the answers to […]