So you Want to Find a Florist for your Wedding…

November 27th, 20101:29 pm


So you Want to Find a Florist for your Wedding…

Unless you purchase flowers regularly from a trusted florist, finding one for your wedding can be a rather trying task.  Who offers the best price?  Who presents the best work?  Does this florist have what it takes to provide excellent bouquets, boutonnieres and centre pieces for your wedding?

The number one thing that you should be on the look out for when choosing a florist is recommendations.  If a friend or a bride who has recently gotten married recommends a florist, there’s a good chance that you too will be satisfied with the service.  Searching for a florist online or visiting their shop is also a good way to deduce which florists you are interested in, and which are worth passing on.

When it comes to choosing the one florist you will have, you need to at least see three different florists so you can see what each of them offers.  Ask to see a florist’s portfolio of their previous work, and think about the following things:

  • Are the arrangements that this florist does appealing to you?
  • Will the arrangements match the theme or the vision of your wedding?
  • Are the flowers fresh flowers, or do they appear to be wilted and browning?
  • Will the florist work with your rather than try to force their own ideas upon you?
  • Is your florist listening and participating in your ideas, or do they seem disinterested?
  • Most importantly, do you feel comfortable with your florist and the work that he or she has to offer?

You should also do a bit of homework prior to seeing your florist and bring some materials along so that they get the idea of what you want.  Some good suggestions are:

  • If you have found pictures of floral arrangements you love, bring them along!  See if the florist will be able to emulate these with your own special twist
  • Bring a photograph of your wedding gown and the bridesmaids dresses so that the florist can find complementary colors
  • If you have already purchased vases and other containers for the flowers, bring them so that the florist has a good idea of    what he or she will be working with
  • Bring a list of the different types of flowers you like and all of the arrangements you will need.

When you go to speak to the florist, make sure that you are speaking to the florist who will be creating your arrangements.  That way you can both agree on exactly what both of you will do in this process and there won’t be any muck ups.

When you find a florist you like, you need to start the contract process and book them.  You want to start your search to find a florist a minimum of 6 months prior to your big day, and book them 4 months before.  It’s important that both the ceremony and reception venue are also selected before you choose a florist so that you know just how nay arrangements you will need.  You will also want to make note of the other colors that may be in the ceremony and reception venue so that the colors of the flowers won’t fade or clash with the room.  If you don’t know what color your bridesmaid’s dresses are going to be, this is also an important thing to consider before booking a florist.

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