Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts

April 30th, 20105:48 am


Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Your 25th wedding anniversary will be a memorable occasion. So many marriages that surround us are failing, and others are facing marital problems. Seeing a couple that have held each other tightly for 25 years is a really big deal. In our modern world, these couples stand out, as a testament: True love, with a little encouragement, compromise and understanding, will stand the test of time. It’s hard to imagine what to give a couple that has shared their love for 25 years, but take a look below at some ideas for silver wedding anniversary gifts.

Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Couples

* It isn’t called a “Silver Jubilee” for nothing. You can purchase a silver dish, with the couple’s names engraved into it: Consider putting a romantic phrase, or two from their favorite song, book, or movie.

* Perhaps a picture of the couple, within a silver-colored frame. This gift could be made more special if you can get them in a picture on their original wedding-day and frame it.

* A CD with love songs is one of my favorite ideas–in fact this is a great gift for all occasions. If you know someone, who is soon going to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, they were likely married in the mid-eighties. This makes artists like Journey, Lionel Ritchie, or Def Leppard great choices for love songs for a couple married in that era.

* Other silver wedding anniversary gifts for couples include vacations, spa days, couple-related retreats, and double gym memberships (to get in shape).

It’s important to know the couple you’re buying for–you don’t want to end up spending your money on something that will make the couple realize how little you know them. Silver wedding anniversary gifts can include matching jewelry such as rings, pendants, and watches also. It’s good to concentrate on things that will help to bring the couple even closer.

Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Couples To Give Each-other

* Nothing will floors your special lady like a singing her favorite songs. Take some lessons if you’ve been told you sound terrible. A few instructional sessions can, at the very least, make you sound tolerable. This is one of those gifts where the thought counts more than the quality–so don’t over-think it.

* If you two are the kind of couple that prefers relaxation: Consider an elegant dinner, followed by a romantic night at the theater…to invigorate that passion you had before the kids were born. If you don’t like that idea: There is nothing wrong with staying in with your favorite meal, and renting a movie. You don’t need to see fireworks just because it’s your 25th, if that isn’t your collective ‘thing’.

* Jewelry is usually a pretty standard, but appreciated gift. Buy your significant other a silver ring, or other piece to show your desire to spend another 25 years with him, or her.

* You can also put together a surprise party. Perhaps consider renewing your vows… women will find this very romantic.

Picking silver wedding anniversary gifts doesn’t have to be a chore. Remember, you’re celebrating.