Silk Wedding Bouquets Are In

May 1st, 201012:08 pm


Silk Wedding Bouquets Are In

There has always been a natural, human need to take something that is beautiful, yet perishable…and make it last forever. Modern florists now take delight in creating beautiful roses that will last well after your children are long gone. Now, with the current advancement in material, finely crafted and real as life silk wedding bouquets are put together in such a way, you would have to actually smell and feel them to tell them apart from the real thing. In fact some are even cleverly scented like the real thing so passersby can’t tell real from fake.

Silk doesn’t just mean silk anymore either. You will find “silk wedding bouquets” that are made from cotton and polyester dyed fabrics that last virtually forever. Each portion of the bouquet is shaped and colored to mimic the real thing to perfection. There isn’t a single flower known to mankind that doesn’t have a “silk” counterpart to replace it. This means good things for nature. When it comes to endangered flowers, we can now create ones that look exactly like them, without increasing our already large footprint on mother earth. The very best quality silk wedding bouquets are produced in Asia.

Crafting silk wedding bouquets is a pain-staking process, that requires an enormous attention to detail. Discerning eyes will quickly tell the real from the fake in a single glance. Each designer has a dissected version of the flower they’re created close at hand for reference: the calyx, leaves, and stamens are all meticulously examined and copied for perfect silk wedding bouquets to be sent out to customers, every time.

Furthering advancements in molding designs are just as essential to the silk flower movement. Quite a few producers will use real petals, leaves and stems to create their prototypes. Others will use shaped and creased tin foil to make their initial templates for silk wedding bouquets. A plaster cast is then made for the brass molds that are used to form the fabric. Elaborate printing techniques are then used to inject color and enhance the natural look of the bouquet elements. One of the newest techniques is to include deliberate flaws in the silk flower to make them appear more real. With designs including missing petals, and brown edges to some petals — these clever little bouquets can fool most observers at a reasonably close distance to them.

With weddings being quite expensive. The cost of freshly picked flower bouquets can stop your wedding budget right in its tracks. Soon to be married couples are now sourcing out silk wedding bouquets, to offset their wedding expenses. Not only are they less expensive, but they can readily be used again at any time, provided they’re stored properly. In fact, real flowers may come in at triple the price of silk wedding bouquets, so not only is it more environmentally conscious, but you’re really saving a bundle in the big picture. Just think of how many flowers a typical ceremony will have?

Face it folks…silk is in.

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