Siblings and your Wedding Day

December 6th, 20103:06 pm


Siblings and your Wedding Day

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  Now that you probably have gotten over the excitement of that gleaming engagement ring on your finger, it’s time to start thinking about venues, dresses, and the bridal party.  For some this is a rather easy decision, especially if they have a relatively small family (i.e. one brother or sister), but for others it can be a real troubling time.

For a lot of brides, a trusted sister is almost always the automatic choice when it comes to choosing a maid of honor.  No one else has been with you through it all like your sister has!  The problem that a lot of brides run into is that they have not just one sister, but two or three or sometimes even four!  So just how can you ask one sister to be your maid of honor or even a bridesmaid without stepping on any toes?

Take Turns

If you are the first sister to get married, introduce the idea of you all taking turns being the maid of honor or a bridesmaid at each other’s wedding.  You may have that one sister who will lament over how she will never be married (yeah right) but just reassure her that if you could find the love of your life, so can she.  Write down who will be what at one another’s future weddings.

Double (Or Triple) Up

It’s 2010 and women are doing weddings a whole lot differently than they did 50 years ago. Who says that you can only have one maid of honor?  Have two. Or three.  Your wedding guests will appreciate how you’ve included you siblings into the wedding party and given them all the shared honor of being your maid of honor.

TIP:  Only one “maid of honor” is needed to sign as a witness, so talk about this beforehand with your sisters and you can all decided who is going to sign the paper.

What about My Brother(s)?

If you have brothers, it can be pretty difficult to include them on as a maid of honor (unless you are being ultra alternative).  Should your brothers have expressed interest in being a part of the wedding party, or even if you simply suspect they might, take your husband-to-be aside and ask him if they can be incorporated in some way.  They can be groomsmen, or ushers, or they can be given the special opportunity of saying a speech or dedicating a song or poem to you guys.

The most important thing about making any decisions about your wedding is to keep the communication lines opens and to talk it out.  Even if they don’t live in the same area, give them a call.  You should be including your siblings in the wedding planning just as you are including your mom, your dad and your best girlfriends.  They’ll want to be kept in the loop about your special day and help you make decisions, and hey, another opinion or two on venues, food, your dress and other things won’t hurt!

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