Save With Second Hand Wedding Dresses

April 30th, 201012:26 pm


Save With Second Hand Wedding Dresses

There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on a pricey wedding dress–it’s only for one day, plain and simple. This fact is so easily ignored by brides seeking to look their best, and impress everyone who attends their wedding. Seriously though, their are lots of second hand wedding dresses available, that look amazing and are a fraction of the price.

Some people are millionaires with an endless amount of cash at their disposal, and they can spend however much they want without going homeless after their wedding day. One the other side of the fence, are the people planning their wedding, with a budget in mind. It’s important to also note, that there are plenty of starving children in the world who would love to eat every day, let alone purchase a wedding dress. So don’t feel bad considering second hand wedding dresses as an option–there is nothing wrong with not needlessly spending thousands on something that can be purchased for hundreds.


When you stop and think about the savings from the decision to buy second hand wedding dresses, it isn’t only smart from financial standpoint, but just smart in general. A new, designer wedding dress can cost up to 10,000 or more. Compare that cost of second hand wedding dresses, which can ring in at a little over a thousand, or less: Suddenly your making a great decision. Instead of a costly one. One more thing to note: Many expensive dresses are custom made–by purchasing second hand wedding dresses you’re actually preventing fabric from being wasted…and that goes a long way to helping the environment.

You may have a family gown that is collecting dust in your mother’s, or grandmother’s attic. Why not pop it out of retirement? There is something to be said for standing by traditions, but you can also ask them if it’s OK to make some alterations–after all, the dress will just be hanging around otherwise. Since they love you, it’s doubtful they would object to modernizing the garment if it isn’t exactly to your liking.

Where are these second hand wedding dresses?

* Family. As seen above: Your grandma, mom, aunt, sister, etc. There is likely more than one dress lying around in storage among your family members. Don’t forget friends of family also.

* Antique Shops. These quaint little stores will likely have a selection of second hand wedding dresses available for you to browse through. Not only that, but there are thousands of these places all over. If you can’t physically get to one; there are many shops that post their selection online, so you can have it shipped to you, and altered if need be–at a major savings over new dresses.

* Thrift Shops. Even though this idea is the most overlooked…they have many second hand wedding dresses, and you may find one that suits your fancy–again, at a significant savings. (You don’t have to tell anyone where you bought it)

There you have it.

Take a look around whether it be family, antique stores, or thrift shops. You have nothing to be embarrassed about, and honestly…wouldn’t you rather have an exotic honeymoon, over a dress you’ll never wear again? Saving your money for things that matter more is one thing: But also, you may just find something much more to your liking–at a considerable discount.

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