Ruby Wedding Gifts

April 30th, 20104:42 am


Ruby Wedding Gifts

Hey you’ve made it. 40 years of happiness and glee, along with some hurdles that have been overcome. Your “Ruby Anniversary” is something to be appreciated. You two have made it this far, look to some great ruby wedding gifts to signify your love for one another.

Whether you’re a wife, looking for special ruby wedding gifts for hubby–or a husband looking for a way to show your wife you still love her, after all these years: It’s important to spend some time deciding on the right symbol of your undying love. After all, you’ve spent at least 40 years so far.

Keep in mind:

* All wedding anniversaries are worth celebrating–every passing year that you stay together, provides an important milestone to worth recognizing. However, reaching an anniversary like your 40th (ruby) anniversary is an accomplishment to relish and honor. There are both modern, and traditional gifts for your spouse that embrace the ruby concept. Your ruby anniversary signifies the flame that is still burning in your relationship after all this time–hence the red, fiery luster of the ruby.

* Probably the most obvious gift for a 40th anniversary, is ruby jewelry. Just because it’s obvious doesn’t mean your spouse won’t see it as a wonderful and cherished gift. Whether your choice will be a bracelet, pendant, ring, or earrings–these are all wonderful gifts for a special lady. Of course, jewelry doesn’t only have to be for a wife, as a decorative watch with ruby–or a ruby tie pin for businessmen.

* Nothing says cliche like a dozen red roses, but there are few gifts that signify romance more. Their impressive red color makes them a perfect way to celebrate a ruby anniversary (And one of the best ruby wedding gifts). Remember that even though a dozen is the standard quantity–this is a 40th anniversary. Hint, hint.

* Lots of crystal companies create red crystal like wine and champagne glasses, which make make wonderful ruby wedding gifts. Other options like bowls, vases, platters and crystal office supplies are also a great idea.

* If jewelry, roses, or decorative-type gifts aren’t what your spouse would enjoy, consider getting creative with clothing ideas. Consider items such as dresses, scarves, lingerie, purses, wallets, etc for a woman. Men might enjoy: pants, pajamas, shirts, ties, and boxers are all great ideas.

Ruby wedding gifts aren’t something that all people will have the pleasure of enjoying. Remember that not every one makes it to this special occasion: Divorce, and marriages that happen later in life, mean that the 40th doesn’t come for everyone. You and your spouse are special. You need to show each other how special you are to one another.

When you set out to buy your ruby wedding gifts, don’t get hung up on having to buy something with a ruby, or ruby colored theme. Also don’t feel like you have to incorporate that theme into your gift/party ideas–your love for one another is most important.