Planning Your Outdoor Wedding Decorations

April 30th, 20109:42 am


Planning Your Outdoor Wedding Decorations

We have compiled several points below, that you should keep in mind while planning your outdoor wedding decorations. This part of the planning is almost as important as the attire you choose, as your decorations set the tone for the entire atmosphere and “feel”. Their are so many things to take into account with any wedding, but an outdoor themed setting requires some more foresight–as you are dealing with the unpredictability of nature. (in addition to your guests.) Weather, bugs, and bathroom arrangements all become important considerations when you’re outdoors, as opposed to being inside where shelter and ready-made facilities provide these luxuries to you.

* Choose a theme for your wedding like modern, country or traditional. The decorations you choose and the color choices you make, will need to closely reflect the theme you have chosen.

* Include plenty of colors in your outdoor wedding decorations, especially if the surroundings are green. Try to add flowers that compliment your bridesmaid’s dresses and match the flowers with colorful ribbons and bows. Place decorative potted plants around the yard.

* Why not use a gazebo for the area where you’ll say your vows? You can put up rows of chairs leading to your gazebo. Decorate each of the chairs with pretty ribbons and/or flowers–be sure they are plush and comfy.

* Put up a clean-looking tent (white is customary) that has open sides for the reception area–you’re still outside, just with measure of protection if it begins to rain. Place your outdoor wedding decorations inside the tent the same way you would decorate an indoor banquet hall. Put white tablecloths on each table for a sophisticated look. You can make use of classy dishes, cutlery, candles, and bowls/vases with wildflowers on each table to compliment the “outdoor” feel.

* At night-time add lighting for outdoor wedding decorations. You can use lamps and/or lanterns that provide protection from the wind. Hurricane lamps provide excellent lighting, while being protected from moderate winds.

* Many couple end up to succumbing to bug invasions, at the end of their wonderful day. Make sure you put up bug netting, to protect your guests from pesky mosquitoes and other annoying bugs. Don’t be one of those people who talk about how they spent their outdoor reception being attacked by bugs.

* Outdoor wedding decorations, are important. Also decorate the lavatory areas. Some weddings in the outdoors will have an outhouse. Try to arrange some wonderful smelling flower arrangements, bows and ribbons. Maybe place a fountain or two on either side of the bathroom area to help it blend in and not look “dirty”.

As you can see; an outdoor wedding will give you a “get back to nature” feel. You just have to do a little more thinking in advance about the extras that are normally taken care of at indoor facilities. You don’t want to have your loved ones getting bitten to death…or have people relieving themselves in the bushes, or worse yet: Not having a place for them to go at all. Good luck!

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