Planning a Wedding During the Holiday Season? Read This.

December 7th, 20106:01 pm


Planning a Wedding During the Holiday Season?  Read This.

Who doesn’t love the holiday season?  It’s a time of year where families unite, where friends bond closer, and where romance peaks at an all new high.  Sounds like a pretty good time to also throw a wedding now, doesn’t it?  No one says that you have to throw your wedding during the spring or summer months.  Be the alternative bride and throw your wedding around the same time as Christmas and New Years to really add that extra excitement and celebration to your special day.

Holiday-Related Favors

If you are wondering what favors you should have for your holiday wedding, an easy choice right off the bat is any sort of warm beverage.  Teas, hot cocoas and hot chocolate mixes are all fantastic favors that are not only decadent, but they are also quite good on your wallet!

Another common holiday favor that brides and grooms give out is Christmas ornaments.  The ornaments that are given out shouldn’t just be a simple ball that has no significance; if you do choose to give out ornaments, make sure that they are related to your theme or are a reflection of you and your new spouse-to-be as a couple.

Candles that have Christmas scents are also popular, as is the use of cinnamon and holly. Both can be used to decorate and play up any favors that you purchase.

Holiday-Related Themes

So you’re having your wedding during the Christmas season.  This doesn’t mean that your wedding necessarily has to have a Christmas theme. Throw out any of those Santa or snow flake decorations that you may have bought and really think about what you want for your wedding day.  Who says you can’t have a beach-themed wedding in the middle of December?

If you are thinking of being more “traditional” with your holiday theme ideas, think of what colors are a reflection of the cold.  Silvers, blues, grey tones and blacks are all a good reflection of the bleakness that winter often presents.  The warmth of the hearth can also be a reflection of this time of year, so don’t stray away from rich red, brown and green tones.

Holiday-Related Fare

What you serve at your holiday wedding doesn’t necessarily have to be Christmas or Thanksgiving-related foods, but guests certainly won’t balk at the idea of having another wonderful turkey dinner with peas, mashed potatoes and the works.  The winter months are always a good reason for brides and grooms to serve hearty, filling meals that can be considered comfort foods. This includes potatoes, macaroni and cheese, chili, crusty loaves of bread and holiday favorites such as roast beef, ham and turkey.  The good news for this type of food is that it is also often relatively cheap (in comparison) to have these foods as your main course than if you were to have steak or seafood.

Perhaps the best thing about having your wedding during the holiday season is that everyone will already be in a festive mood, so they will undoubtedly be having a ball at your wedding!

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