Planning a Wedding Ceremony

April 2nd, 201012:55 pm


Planning a Wedding Ceremony

While a wedding reception seems to get all of the hoopla when it comes to weddings, the wedding ceremony essentially the most important part of the entire process, and the part where you and your loved one finally make it all official. The ceremony is where your life together begins and is the moment that you and your family and friends will remember. That is why you need to plan ahead and make sure you start planning your wedding ceremony and deciding where it will be as soon as possible.

The majority of brides end up choosing a ceremony location that has a Civil Licence, which includes churches, private estates, and even castles. The rules for these licensed places is that they have to have a roof and be a permanent location which means that places such as gardens or boats are out of the question. These types of ceremonies give you the chance to have your reception and ceremony in the same place, which can make planning and transportation a lot easier in the long run.

A lot of couples feel that church weddings are the best way to go if they want a religious ceremony. These types of weddings usually have a separate reception venue and the ceremonies come with a number of regulations and rules that need to be followed in terms of dress code and so on.

For couples that are looking to make the process a simple and quick one, there are also civil office wedding ceremonies that can be planned. These are more low-key ceremonies and take very little planning at all. This is an option for people that want to avoid the hassle that comes with wedding planning and that only plan on inviting a few select guests.

Destination weddings have also become a popular choice for soon to be husbands and wives. These types of ceremonies can be planned overseas and then be followed by a reception back at home where more people can be invited. The legalities of this decision can be a hassle to deal with and that is why many people who choose this option end up hiring a professional wedding planner to take care of all of the details.

You always want to consider time of year when you are choosing between different kinds of ceremonies. You may be able to have an outdoor wedding on the time of year or may be forced to hold it all indoors if you are a fan of winter weddings. The choice in the end is completely up to you but make sure that your wedding date reflects the ceremony.

A wedding day is very personal for you, and that is why you should always take your own style and preferences above anyone else’s when choosing a wedding ceremony location. The ceremony should reflect you and your partner in every way and be a place where you are comfortable and can truly enjoy yourself. The last thing you want is to get married somewhere where you feel you cannot be yourself or where you cannot have things your way.