Planning a Green Wedding

November 27th, 201012:25 pm


Planning a Green Wedding

Weddings are not only taxing on our wallets; they’re taxing on the environment too!  Planning a green wedding may take a bit of extra steps and considerations, but it definitely is possible.    Let’s start with the most pressing environmental issue that arises due to weddings:

Fuel Usage

How many people have you invited to your wedding?  How many of them are taking the same car?  It’s not surprising that you can divide your wedding guest number in two and that will produce an approximate amount of cars that will be used to not only drive to your wedding ceremony, but to your reception as well and then back home again!  Now that’s a lot of carbon dioxide in the air.

Make it a goal to keep your guests off the streets as much as possible.  One easy way to do this is to have the ceremony and the reception all in the same place.  Another great way to save on fuel is to hire a hybrid or fuel-efficient “party bus” that will be able to pick up a number of your guests from their homes and drop them off after the celebrations have come to a close.  Your guests will also definitely appreciate having a safe ride home!

Use “Used” Wedding Rings

Your wedding ring doesn’t have to be brand new!  You can go to any pawn shop or antique jewelry store and pick up some fantastic old rings that once belonged to someone else. Another option would be to find a jeweler who makes wedding bands from old rings or gold that has been discarded.  They melt down the gold and recycle it by reforming and refitting it to fit your finger.  You can find rings in any shade and tone of gold!

Make it a Vintage Themed Wedding

Wearing clothes that were already once worn before can be a great way to save the environment.  While most brides make a big deal about buying a brand new dress, the fact of the matter is that those brides will only be wearing those $1000+ gowns for one day.  One day!  That’s a lot of money to spend on a garment that’s only going to be worn once.  A lot of brides will try to sell their wedding dress on the Internet or in the newspaper, so this is a great place to try and find a dress.

You can also visit a number of different used or second hand clothing stores to find attire for you, your groom, your bridesmaids and the groomsmen.  If you want better quality clothing, try finding some second hand shops in a more affluent area of town; these stores tend to have more quality items for sale.

Another option, which most brides turn their noses up at, is renting a dress.  The problem with rental dresses is, 1) that someone (or several “someone’s”) has worn the dress before, and 2) maybe it won’t fit right!  While it is true that you cannot alter a rental dress, you can ask the rental place about undergarments you can wear to make the dress fit better around your buttocks, your hips, waist and bust.  Some seamstresses may also be able to make some very minor alterations that the rental company will agree to.

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