To Open Bar, or Not to Open Bar →  December 5, 2010 0

Weddings are a celebration of your new life as husband and wife. As with most adult celebrations, there is usually some amount of alcohol involved. The question is, should you have an open bar' Or should you forego the open bar and stick to a cash bar' Or what other alternatives are there? Why Couples [...]

The Modern Wedding Dress: A Change from the Old and Traditional →  December 5, 2010 0

You're so over the white, lacy dresses with the incredibly long train. You aren't feeling the long veils, especially the types that are draped over your face during the wedding ceremony. You want something different, you want something new, but you're not sure where to start. Here are some things you can be on the [...]

The Childless Marriage: Every Bride and Groom’s Choice →  December 5, 2010 0

Within days after your wedding ceremony (or perhaps even before) you will start getting those questions about when you and your husband are planning on having your first child, or how many you're thinking of having, or how far apart each child is going to be, and so on and so on. For what ever [...]

Preserving your Wedding Bouquet →  December 3, 2010 0

Most of us don't know how to properly store our flowers or our wedding bouquets after our special day, which means a whole lot of special wedding bouquets loaded with treasured memories are going to waste in a compost or the garbage dump. You can preserve your beautiful wedding bouquet for decades, as long as [...]

Incorporating Pets into your Wedding →  December 3, 2010 0

Pets are like our children. Pets are our very best friends. It's no wonder that with human beings having such a strong bond to their pet, brides and grooms are always keen on trying to incorporate their pet into their wedding in some fashion. That being said, there are some pets that just probably won't [...]

How to 'Size Up' to your Wedding Dress →  December 3, 2010 0

So you think you know what size you are. Surprisingly enough, most women actually have no idea just what size they are! We often wear the wrong jean size, the wrong bra size, and some of us even wear the wrong sock size without realizing it. Though we may be able to pull off wearing [...]

How to Shed the Pounds before the Big Day →  December 3, 2010 0

Most brides get into a frantic tizzy months before their wedding, especially if they discover that they suddenly can no longer fit into their gorgeous wedding dress. Instantly the idea of crash diets and hardcore workout routines come to mind. Some brides will try these things ' only to ultimately fail and sometimes even add [...]

How to 'Measure Up' for your Wedding Dress →  December 3, 2010 0

All brides want that perfect dress for their perfect day, but that also means taking accurate measurements of your body, especially if you are having your dress custom made! Custom made dresses are becoming all the rage these days, particularly as companies overseas can reproduce a $3000 dress and have it only cost you $300. [...]

How to Make your Very Own Wedding Arch →  December 3, 2010 0

The wedding arch is perhaps the single most adored piece of dcor for any wedding, whether it is an indoor wedding or one that is outside. You will be looking back at it for years to come as it will be in the pictures of you standing before your soon-to-be husband or wife. Making your [...]

How to Make your own Environmentally Friendly Silk Flowers →  December 1, 2010 0

There are a lot of reasons why a bride may opt to not use real flowers for her wedding. For one, some people may have horrible adverse reactions to the flowers that you have (you never know just which one of your guests may break out into sneezes because of your rose centerpieces!). Other brides [...]

How to Make a Single Stem Flower Bouquet →  December 1, 2010 0

So you're not a huge fan of the large bouquets that also cost a large amount of money. More brides are opting to not only make their own floral bouquets, but they are going for the ultra chique single stem flower bouquets. No matter how talented (or untalented) of a florist you may be, anyone [...]

How to Keep your Wedding Day Stress Free →  December 1, 2010 0

We've al herd about it, the brides that rush around, frantically commanding everyone to do everything while they pull out their hair, scream, and cry. No matter who you are, you do not need to be 'that bride'. Here are some ways to make sure that your wedding day is as stress free and as [...]

Dressing for an Autumn Wedding →  December 1, 2010 0

Most guests are used to attending a wedding during the balmy days of spring or the hot days of summer. When it comes to attending a fall wedding, you may have to be a bit more prepared dress-wise than if you were to attend a beautiful summer wedding where the sun is almost always guaranteed [...]

Do I Really Need a Videographer for my Wedding? →  December 1, 2010 0

what actually happened on that day after the day is done! From all of the moving around you do, to all of the people you meet and all of the different events that take place, it's no wonder that brides and grooms completely forget what has even happened on that special day! If you don't [...]

Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses and Accessories for a Fall Wedding →  December 1, 2010 0

Fall is an exciting time of year when the colors of the world begin to change from fresh, lively greens to vibrant earth tones. It's a great time to be dressing in deep, rich tones that will give your wedding that 'fall' feel. There are some other considerations that should be made, however, when dressing [...]

Backyard Weddings: The New 'In' Thing for Weddings →  December 1, 2010 0

Let's face it; weddings these days will cost you an arm and a leg. When you tally up the costs for catering, for alcohol, for the wedding ceremony and reception venue, transportation' the list goes on and on. Weddings these days can easily cost over $20 000, which is leaving brides and grooms seeking less [...]

Alternative Wedding Transportation Ideas →  December 1, 2010 0

Not sure how you want to arrive to your wedding' No problem! Depending on where you are holding your reception, how you arrive may depend on your location. Here are some ideas on how you can arrive to your wedding in style without having to use the standard 'limo'. On the Lake If you have [...]

Where you should Say 'I Do' →  November 29, 2010 0

Finding that perfect ceremony site is an extremely important decision that a bride and groom have to make. This is the place that you will always remember for the rest of your lives, and so will your wedding guests. Even prior to the wedding both you and your guests will be taking in the surroundings [...]