Help!  I have a Lazy Groom! →  November 27, 2010 0

As a bride, since the day you became engaged you have probably scoured the internet for all kinds of information on wedding planning and resources. You have located caterers, florists, thought of some creative gifts and you have a good idea of what colors and theme you want. Chair covers, linens, guest list ' you [...]

Is a Destination Wedding Really What you Want? →  November 27, 2010 0

Destination weddings immediately have a certain allure and appeal to them. Who wouldn't love to get married barefoot in the sand in Jamaica, or perhaps say 'I do' amongst the excitement of Las Vegas' This doesn't mean that destination weddings are for everyone, though. There are certainly some pros and cons to consider when it [...]

How to Save for your Honeymoon →  November 27, 2010 0

Once engaged, we begin to tuck away a few extra dollars at a time so that we will be able to pay for our wedding that is one, two or maybe even five years down the road. What ever it is, we want to know that we will be able to pay for it. The [...]

How to Pull Off your First Dance Without a Hitch →  November 27, 2010 0

The first dance that a newly married bride and groom share really sets the tone on their relationship. It's a great way to really celebrate your special day and to allow your friends and family a glimpse into what you and your new spouse's relationship is all about. We've all been to weddings that have [...]

How to Plan a Wedding Shower →  November 27, 2010 0

Wedding showers, or bridal showers, are often an event that are left to the bridesmaids to plan (that's right brides, you should get a break from all of this wedding planning business!). These showers are a great way for both sides of the family and friends to connect and meet each other before the 'big [...]

How to Pick the Best Wedding Venue →  November 27, 2010 0

Congratulations on your most recent engagement! Oh, the joy and light headedness you feel when you first become engaged' the romance' the thrill' And then comes the wedding planning. Wedding planning can be a complete headache to most brides, which is why a lot of brides end up with the unfortunate nickname 'bridezilla'. But can [...]

How to Make your own Wedding Veil →  November 27, 2010 0

Most brides are absolutely astounded by the price tag that they will find on any wedding veil in the stores. $150 for a swatch of cloth' $300 for a swatch of cloth with some gems or glitter' Get out of here! If this sounds like you, and if you have a bit of an artistic [...]

How to Make your own Wedding Jewelry →  November 27, 2010 0

Even if you aren't the craftiest person in the world, you can still make beautiful wedding jewelry that will be truly unique and special on your most special of days. You can custom the jewelry to look just as it should so that it fully compliments your dress and your own personal features. All you [...]

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer →  November 27, 2010 0

Your wedding may only last for one day, but photographs last a lifetime. This is why it is important that you choose the best photographer that you can find (and that fits in your budget!). Seemingly everyone is a 'photographer' these days, but very few will produce quality pictures that you will be proud of [...]

How to Choose a Wedding Cake →  November 27, 2010 0

If you're thinking about your wedding cake and don't have any idea what to do, then you have come to the right place. With so many choices available to you these days, it can be hard to decide just which cake is best! Here are some of the best of the best wedding cakes that [...]

How do I Plan Transportation for my Wedding? →  November 27, 2010 0

Planning transportation may not be one of the most fun elements of planning your wedding, but it fortunately is generally the easiest. Though a lot of brides and grooms initially may consider transportation an extra and unnecessary expense, this could not be further from the truth. Your wedding day is going to be a jam [...]

How do I Choose my Wedding Colors? →  November 27, 2010 0

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Now that the sparkling ring has been placed on your finger, it's time to plan-plan-plan! The only problem is just where do you start? There are an overwhelming amount of different plans that have to be made for your wedding, but one of the things that you must figure out [...]

How do I Budget my Wedding? →  November 27, 2010 0

Wedding are fun. Weddings are exciting. Weddings can also cost you an arm and a leg unless you follow a pre-planned budget. A budget will help you plan appropriately for your upcoming expenses, and it will also help keep you out of debt once the wedding and the reception are over. Unless you have been [...]

How can I Get Our Two Families to Get Along? →  November 27, 2010 0

You and your future spouse may love each other, but your families may not. If you have a family that is not all too fond of the other family you are marrying into, this can cause a whole lot of stress and strain not only on the wedding planning process, but also on your future [...]

Hottest Wedding Band Styles for 2010 →  November 27, 2010 0

So you have the engagement ring. You have the wedding date picked, you have a venue for the reception and the ceremony, and now you're getting down to the finer details ' like choosing a wedding band. A lot of men and women think of a wedding band being a singular gold ring that may [...]

Budget-Wise Wedding Jewelry →  November 27, 2010 0

Have you already been looking for the perfect accessories to compliment your dress' If you have, then you have already probably noticed just how much wedding jewelry can cost. Not only did that dress you are going to wear cost hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of dollars, but now you're supposed to buy jewelry that costs [...]

Budget Friendly Catering Ideas →  November 27, 2010 0

Did you know that the reception of your wedding will take up almost half of your wedding budget? It's true! When you have to rent out the venue, the tables, chairs, linens, flatware, and also feed and provide alcohol, the cost of having a full blown reception grows quickly. You don't have to blow your [...]

How to Have an Eco-Friendly Wedding →  November 26, 2010 0

So you can't wait to get married, but you know that the whole 'marriage' thing also leaves a lot of excess junk behind: scattered paper invitations, the fuel used by your guests to arrive at your ceremony and reception, the waste that naturally comes after throwing a huge party. If you are looking into having [...]