Outdoor Wedding Ideas On A Budget

April 30th, 201012:30 pm


Outdoor Wedding Ideas On A Budget

Wedding decor on a budget

Do you need outdoor wedding ideas on a budget? Saving on your decorations is as important a factor as any other. The greatest advantage of outdoor weddings is the ability to make many decorations using the surrounding nature elements, and often don’t even have the need for extra decorations. Your wedding decor will be dependent on the month of the year the wedding takes place.

Be sure the decorations will not blow away when a gust of wind hits them, or your candles don’t extinguish. Flowers are easy items to use for outdoor wedding ideas, with budget in mind. You may also put up wind chimes for the wedding decoration, as long as you make sure they don’t produce too much noise. If you’re looking for an elegant ambiance, incorporate lanterns for lighting rather than electric lighting alternatives.

Wedding Favors purchased on a budget

You do not have to spend a ton of money on your wedding favors to have a great wedding. You can opt for less expensive alternatives like fancy ribbons, candles, wedding photos with thank you phrases, and other simple gifts to keep costs low. Something with a personal touch says a lot more to your guest, than something that costs a lot of money, but has no relation to you, or your spouse.

Think digital: Have your photographer snap photos of your respective guests, and later send a “Thank You” email to your guests. A simple flower, or two and a home-made card will go a long way to save. Inexpensive outdoor wedding ideas don’t have to come off as cheap, as long as you put some individuality into your send off gifts.

Wedding cake planning on a budget

Consider lowering the cost of your wedding cake to save money. You may instead choose a double layered cake and incorporate inexpensive hand picked flower petals for elegance. Perhaps place the cake on a showy rented or borrowed table to add to its allure, and have a night lighting scheme focused on it to again…add to the overall look and experience for your visitors. Another excellent idea is to have your cake frosted at the cake shop, then place the decorative pieces on yourself–perhaps with other family members to help get them excited and more involved in the wedding.

Location planning on a budget

This will be the center of making outdoor wedding ideas, and stay within your budget. Location, location, location–isn’t that the old saying? people planning an outdoor wedding have to give more importance to their desired location. While operating on a slim budget, you might consider holding the ceremony and the reception at the same location. This is rarely done…as tradition tends to have couples leaving after the ceremony, and later meeting up with guests at the reception an hour or more later. Even if we’re going against tradition…lets face it: This idea will be much more convenient for friends and family–as they don’t have to travel all over the place, and it will take up less time in the end, with the decreased travel time.

Outdoor wedding ideas planned properly = saving money. As you can see, it doesn’t have to come off as cheap though. Decor, favors, cake, and location planning will save you significant money at the end of your special day.