Off-The-Wall Wedding Cake Ideas

November 27th, 201012:10 pm


Off-The-Wall Wedding Cake Ideas

That statuesque white cake. The ornate floral design. The same old swirl pattern you have seen on the last 20 wedding cakes at every wedding and in every bakery window.  Let’s get real here: a lot of wedding cakes look the same, are the same, and really could have just been transported from one wedding to the next.  Unless you are a “traditional” bride, you may be seeking some alternative wedding cake ideas that will truly set you apart from the rest.

If this is the case, then you have come to the right place.


Who says that a wedding cake has to be white?  If you have a particular color or colors and a theme to go along with your wedding, have your wedding cake reflect that! The wedding cake can be bright purple with a pink trim or teal with silver accents.  What ever your wedding colors are, make that the wedding cake to truly set yours apart from the rest.

Ice Cream Cake

Having an ice cream cake for a wedding cake is a new and different idea, and unfortunately not always possible depending on the venue.  You will need a lot of ice cream cake, so much so that it may cost more than having a normal cake baked for you.  But if your venue can accommodate a lot of ice cream cake and if you can afford it, then definitely go for an ice cream wedding cake.  These are particularly wonderful during a winter-themed wedding when it is already cold outside.


This is a new trend that is catching on fast!  Cupcakes are becoming all the rage when it comes to wedding cakes, and for good reason.  Each guest will have his or her very own tiny cupcake to enjoy as dessert, it’s cute, and cupcakes look great!  You can even bake the cupcakes yourself and put the icing on so it matches our wedding colors or theme.  Now that’s an inexpensive wedding cake!

Random Tiers

Most multi-layer wedding cakes involve tiers that are placed in a sequence from the largest at the bottom to the smallest cake at the top. Why not switch that up?  Though the largest cake may always have to be at the bottom of the tier to help “anchor” the cake, all of the other layers can be distributed in such a way that the cake appears to be off the wall and uneven.

Different Toppers

Most wedding cakes are topped with a tiny bride and groom.  This doesn’t have to be you.  If you and your partner have something else that better demonstrates your relationship that will fit on the top of the cake, try adding it on!  Popular choices include toys, action figures, Chinese figures, and even a picture of the two of you together.

Don’t have a Cake at All

The most alternative of wedding ideas is to not have a cake at all.  A lot of brides nowadays are looking at it as an unnecessary extra expense.  Who eats that cake anyways?  If this sounds like you and if you have no dreams to have some sort of a cake cutting ceremony, then by all means pocket the hundreds of dollars and spend them elsewhere.

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