New and Neat Wedding Favor Ideas

December 7th, 20108:27 pm


New and Neat Wedding Favor Ideas

So you’re not a big fan of having jelly beans or chocolate covered nuts as your wedding favor.  Fortunately this is your big day and you can do absolutely anything you want for your wedding!  If you are looking for a few different ideas for your wedding day, here are some of the best:


Noisemakers, particularly maracas if you happen to be having a destination wedding, is a great little favor to give to your guests!  You can even incorporate the noisemaker into your wedding, such as using the noisemaker to request that the bride and groom share a smooch rather than tap your glasses with your fork.


Choosing a drink coaster that matches the theme of your day is a great favor that all of your guests will love.  You can choose coasters in a number of different shapes, sizes, colors, and you can even choose to have an image of both you and your groom on the coaster too!

Nicely Scented Bundles

If you love incense and other wonderful smelling things around us, then you may want to give out scented bundles to your guest.  Gather a few stems of your favorite herbal incense, such as lavender, vanilla, or jasmine, and then tie them together with a bow or raffia.  Place the scented bundles around each napkin.  Your wedding now looks sophisticated and you have added your own special touch!

Luggage Tags

For those who are throwing a destination wedding, having personalized luggage tags is a great gift to give out. Not only is it functional, but you can also use these luggage tags as a place card.


What better way is there to thank your guests for coming to your wedding than sending them home with a book full of your favorite romantic poetry?  Whether it is a more modern poet or classic Shakespearean sonnets, your guests will love this creative and special take-home gift.


Having a garden party wedding or a wedding at a beach?  Why not have kites on your special day?  These fun wedding favors are not only unique, but they are also appropriate for every single person in attendance.  Bring back the child-like fun and games by having kites as your wedding favors.

TIP:  You may be able to pick up some “customizable” kite kits from your local craft store to really make the kites unique.

Art Tools

If you are having an art gallery wedding, why not inspire your guest’s inner artistic side by offering art-inspired wedding favors?  This can be as simple as including a couple of pencil crayons in your wedding colors and a small pad of paper, or you can offer charcoal, small paint pots, as well as paint brushes.

TIP:  You can also include a book at every table that encourages the guests to “draw” or paint a picture that they feel is a reflection of both you and your new husband or wife as a partner.

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