Modern Wedding Cakes

May 1st, 201011:57 am


Modern Wedding Cakes

If you’re planning to be married in a contemporary ceremony that is put together by your design, why would you imagine settling for a throw-back wedding cake that is steeped in tradition and has nothing to do with your style? These days many couples are interested in buying modern wedding cakes that compliment their individual personalities and combine them together perfectly. While most cake shops are on board with the modern way of thinking; you may still have to search around to find the right match for your wedding day ceremony.

So, we know that we want modern wedding cakes that suit our style…what next? If you two want something healthy at your wedding, you will want to book well in advance. Of course, cake, by nature isn’t a healthy food — nor is it intended to be, but if you want carrot, or real non-preserved fruit in amongst the sugary goodness, shelf life concerns become an issue. Even when you’re talking about velvet, and chocolate modern wedding cakes, the more organic the ingredients — the less time it can sit on a shelf without going rotten. This ultimately means you may end up paying slightly more at a bakery, as they have to schedule such orders in a specific time line to avoid atrocities like mold from taking over your cake.

It is best to know the theme of your wedding before ordering, as the wedding cake quite often is designed to suit the theme and/or surroundings that will be found at your ceremony and reception. Also you need to consider whether you and your guests prefer a deep decadent chocolate, or a sweet sugary white frosting.

Modern means doing what you want and scoffing at tradition. Make the cake shaped as your astrological sign, or your favorite animal, or car, celebrity. The sky is the limit with modern wedding cakes, as they have no rules you need to follow. Think outside the box by using edible inks to write a small story, poem, or decorate in Chinese philosophical writings. Keep in mind, cake designers have amazing, diverse tools to do their work with, and many of them are true artists. You will find some modern wedding cakes that have unimaginable 3D pictures made from all edible food products.

While butter cream frosting is indeed delectable, you can find many modern varieties that include chai frosting, coffee frosting, champagne frosting, and even various “hot” spices to compliment your cake. So even though “traditional” wedding cakes are “sweet”…”modern wedding cakes” can be “spicy.” We are trying to bring a whole new concept to wedding cakes after all — don’t be afraid to toss convention aside and burn the roof of all your attendees mouths…it will truly be a memory that will last forever.

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