Making Final Choices for your Wedding Party

April 2nd, 20101:10 pm


Making Final Choices for your Wedding Party

One of the first steps when it comes to wedding planning is to select the members of your wedding party, and who will be standing up there next to you on the most important day of your life. You are sure to have many questions when it comes to these decisions and a lot of choices to make. How can you possibly just pick out a few friends or even one to stand right there with you when you say I do?

Being a part of a wedding party is a very honorable position and one that no friend or family member should take lightly. So be sure that you choose people that are responsible and willing to handle all the tasks and roles that come with the wedding party. Usually the wedding party consists of best friends, close relatives and brothers and sisters but you have the choice to choose anyone whom you would like to give a role in the wedding and that means a lot to you.

One of the things you have to understand is that often times you are going to hurt someone’s feelings as you cannot involve everyone, so be sure to tread carefully and make smart decisions.

If this is a second marriage and the bride and groom have children it is quite common to involve them in the wedding party, but for the most part it is common to see children have roles as ring bearers, flower girls, or attendants.

In most cases, the bride and groom will pick the same sized wedding party that is between two and six people. This can vary depending on the location of the wedding and how many guests are being invited. Traditionally people opt to have one usher and one wedding party member for every 50 guests that are coming to the wedding. However, you should also remember that the more people you have in the wedding party the more trouble you may have pleasing everyone in terms of style and colors of their outfits. On top of that, if you are on a limited budget then you may want to reduce the size of the wedding party as well in order to be able to afford things a bit better.

Once you have chosen your wedding party it is important to lay out their responsibilities so that they each know what you expect of them. If you do not expect a lot of help then you should let people known, and on the other hand if you want a lot of guidance then you need to let them know beforehand. That way there are no unexpected surprises to deal with.

Your wedding party are going to be the people that guide you and are there to support you on the biggest day of your life, so choose carefully and be sure that the people you choose will be supportive and helpful when you need them most. If you choose the people that are important to you, then you are sure to have no regrets and a memorable and wonderful wedding.

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