Making Decisions on Wedding Décor

April 9th, 20102:18 pm


Making Decisions on Wedding Décor

Over time couples have become more and more creative in terms of wedding décor and the decorations that they use to celebrate their special day. You no longer have to stick to basic colors or traditional flowers and can easily bring in all kinds of flavor, style, and color into your wedding in order to make it your own. Before you make a decision on the type of wedding décor that you want, you should always think of a color scheme and the overall theme of the wedding first.

Deciding whether you are going to have a beach themed wedding, a classic style wedding, or something as out of the ordinary as a polka theme, is going to affect the wedding décor that you are going to use. The last thing you want to do is purchase all of your wedding décor simply because you like how it looks and then realize that it clashes with your overall theme or the colors that you wanted to use.

The overall décor and the decorations that you choose for your wedding will have a lot to do with your wedding budget and what you can actually afford. You can save a lot of money by sticking to a few decorations and focusing on them such as wedding centerpieces that make an impact rather than spending a lot of money on a bunch of other small decorations.

The venue that you choose for your wedding will also have quite a bit to do with what kind of wedding décor you end up choosing. If you end up selecting a venue that is already well decorated and elegant then you do not need to choose as much when it comes to additional decorations. However, if you are renting out a simple area then you can feel free to go overboard with your wedding décor and spruce up the place as much as you want.

Some of the elements you will want to consider when making your decoration plans are:

  • centerpieces
  • table cloths and linens
  • chair covers and sashes
  • wedding cake and wedding flowers
  • place settings and name tags
  • wedding favors

It can be a great idea to tie all of these ideas into one different theme, material, or colour scheme in order to have it all come together in the end nicely. Something as simple as using the same kind of ribbon and wrapping it around all of your wedding décor can make a huge difference, and bring the entire room together. You can also opt for additions such as crystal, jewels, or beads depending on your budget or find very creative ways to use wedding flowers all over the room.

Your options really are endless when planning a wedding and choosing your wedding décor, so just be sure to make final decisions that bring out your personality and sense of style. Avoid opting for over the top and elegant decorations if you want a simple, laid back, and fun wedding or be sure to choose classic décor options if you have always dreamt about that classic Victorian style wedding. The choice is yours in the end, so be sure that your wedding décor reflects that.