Make Your Own Wedding Photo Books

May 1st, 20109:07 am


Make Your Own Wedding Photo Books

Wedding photo books are a memory of your wedding that you and your significant other will cherish for the rest of your lives. Traditionally it is a gift that’s passed on to the happy couple by a member of the wedding party, such as the Maid of Honor, or another member of the bridal party. For those of you out there seeking to make your own, take a look below for what’s involved.

Plan Ahead

If you want to end up with complete wedding photo books, it’s necessary to attempt to attend each event that precedes and proceeds the event, along with the wedding itself. If the book will be a gift, but you weren’t able to get photos from the shower, and Jack & Jill, you will need to have a hook up to pass photos on to you (a partner in crime so to speak). Don’t make this a last minute thing; where you run around after the fact asking everyone you can if they have suitable photos. Instead plan well in advance and either have someone take photos on your behalf, or make sure you clear your schedule for the events surrounding and up to the big day. Wedding photo books will not only take time to put together, but you may find that the photos you’re left with don’t fit the “image” you want for your awesome gift.

Naturally, the more involvement you have from friends and family of the couple — the better the end result will be. Your “Partner(s) in Crime” can help facilitate the extra details, such as saving trinkets and decorative aspects of the wedding, while you concentrate your efforts on choosing and arranging the layout of the photos to be used. As things progress try to capture memorable quotes from family, special things the bride and groom say to each other along the way, along with anything else that ends up feeling relevant for use in wedding photo books.

Packaging the “Material”

This may be your very first time considering the layout of wedding photo books. If so, look online, check out your parent’s/friend’s photo books from their wedding. It can get pretty overwhelming once you get everything in front of you, then suddenly get gripped by the realization that this is someone you love and you don’t know how to move ahead. It can get hectic wanting to please your special friend, or family member and give them a memorable gift. Whatever you use for inspiration, just remember they will appreciate your efforts regardless of how it turns out.

Hit up a local paper shop, or do some research online to find materials that are known to be long-lasting for wedding photo books, or buy a ready made template book — these can be had much more cheaply online, if you plan ahead for shipping, etc. It’s a commonly used idea to include invitations, wedding plan, and even a copy of the wedding certificate if you can manage.

Final Thoughts

Making wedding photo books for friends or family is really quite easy. It won’t likely feel that way at the time, but once you’ve “made delivery” you will feel like a million bucks, for the memories you’ve captured. So enjoy your special project, it’ll all be over soon enough.