Landing Wedding Planner Jobs

April 30th, 20102:30 pm


Landing Wedding Planner Jobs

Create a relationships with wedding shops to find wedding planner jobs

Go talk to local wedding shops and introduce yourself. Let them know that you’re starting a wedding planner service and would greatly welcome any potential customers they may be able to offer. This needs to be a barter though, you would then offer them exclusivity to your clients weddings. Get them to work with you on affordable pricing as you can help one another to rise above your competition. Also talk to local print shops who do weddings, along with photographers and wedding video professionals. Florists are going to be a great asset to you also when your looking for wedding planner jobs–so talk to them. Anywhere you can imagine someone will be purchasing wedding supplies is a great place to pass your name around, and make your name known.

Find wedding planner jobs by training online.

If you make a fast online search, you will find all kinds of wedding planner schools. It’s best to search thoroughly though, as there are many scams to be found. There are no actual requirements to get wedding planner jobs, just experience and knowledge. The experience will come with interaction with clients and completed weddings. The knowledge aspect is what you can find with an education. Usually these courses will be provided by retired, or active wedding planners who wish to pass on what they know to a new crowd.

Just as you will be judged on your reputation once you become a planner: you to should judge any courses or schools you come across with scrutiny. Be sure to search all you can about them and see if they have any negative reviews. One or two bad, out of hundreds of good aren’t bad–there will always be someone who is unhappy, that’s just life…just be sure the course has many good reviews.

Get a subscription to bridal magazines

Magazines such as “Modern Bride” are a great resource for people looking for wedding planner jobs, and to expand their knowledge of the trade. You can keep abreast of modern bridal fashions, trends, and any other information that will help your clients get the best wedding ever. Many planners have taught themselves everything they know just from reading these sorts of publications.

Get a mentor.

Just like a plumber needs to apprentice under a mentor, so to will you if you want to score wedding planner jobs. On the job training is the most valuable part of this profession. You have no idea what you’re up against until you feel the hustle, bustle and extreme pressure on the front lines. Having a mentor to guide you along as you go is invaluable.

Many in this profession work off referrals and word of mouth: The best way to a professionals heart is to offer to sign a contractual agreement stating that they can sue you in the event they can prove you stole their clients. You are in the learning stages and haven’t yet got any wedding planner jobs–so it’s a no-brainer that you won’t be attempting to mingle and steal their hard-earned clients: After all, you may be in their shoes one day.

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