Is a Destination Wedding Really What you Want?

November 27th, 201011:42 am


Is a Destination Wedding Really What you Want?

Destination weddings immediately have a certain allure and appeal to them.  Who wouldn’t love to get married barefoot in the sand in Jamaica, or perhaps say “I do” amongst the excitement of Las Vegas?  This doesn’t mean that destination weddings are for everyone, though.  There are certainly some pros and cons to consider when it comes to wanting to get married out of town, such as:

PRO: Your One-Stop Wedding Shop

Let’s face it, if you plan your wedding at home, you will be spending countless hours with your ear glued to your phone, your eyes plastered to your computer screen, and your brain aching from all of the research and information you need to gather to put your wedding together.  Caterers, florists, table settings, chair covers… it really is no easy task!  Going abroad for your wedding to a popular wedding destination at any tropical resort will offer you a complete package, meaning no lengthy investigative work on your part.  It’s all provided on site, and you are often also provided with a wedding consultant or “planner” absolutely free who will make sure that the day goes off without a hitch.

CON:  Not Everyone can Attend

A sad fact to having a wedding away from home is that not everyone you may want to be there will be able to attend.  The cost of travel is often the guest, and not everyone has the funds or the ability to take time off for your wedding, no matter how much time in advance you may give.  Older guests are also concerned about traveling far from home, so if you have a grandmother or grandfather that you just cannot imagine not being at your wedding, you may want to reconsider the destination wedding.

PRO: It’s a Budget Saver

Did you know that the average wedding these days costs at least $20 000?  Now that’s a lot!  The reception is where all of that money is going towards.  Just think about it: you’re feeding probably well over 100 people and offering free liquor, as well as table service and a ton of other amenities.  Destination weddings will cut your numbers right down to a sizeable chunk which will make the wedding a lot more affordable.  Rather than $20 000, you could easily look at paying only $3000-$5000 for your wedding.

CON: The Wedding License

Trying to get a wedding license outside of your State, Province, or country can sometimes be a very difficult task.  Make sure you look up well in advance just how you can obtain a marriage license and ask your wedding planner about how you can obtain a license.  He or she will be your best resource in this situation.

PRO:  You’re Already On your Honeymoon!

The best part of all is that you get to do the honeymoon and the wedding all at once, which of course saves you a whole lot of extra cash.  If you aren’t too keen about having your family and friends there while you and your new spouse are trying to get to enjoy some quite one-on-one time, then this may not be for you.  But chances are your friends and family will be allowing you both a lot of alone time anyways.