How to Write your Own Wedding Invitations

November 29th, 201011:55 am


How to Write your Own Wedding Invitations

The idea of making your own wedding invitations is really exciting to you.  You have that crafty side that is just dying to get out.  You like the fact that you will be able to make each and every invitation unique and special.  You also like the fact that you are potentially saving a whole lot of money on invitations doing them yourself.  So you have bought the materials, you’re ready to go, and that’s when you realize that you have to actually do more than just make the card – you have to write something inside of the card.

Before you feel inspired to write some cheesy poem on the inside or scribble out a date and send them in the mail, it’s important to make sure that you have written out each invitation correctly and in a proper fashion so that your guests will take the invitation to your wedding seriously.  Here’s how you can start:

Consider who is Hosting

The “host” or “hosts” of the wedding are typical who is paying for the whole affair.  Traditionally, this was the bride’s family, so the invitation would open as:

Mr. & Mrs. Smith or Ben and Julie Smith

In these modern days, it is usually the bride and groom who are paying for the whole affair, in which case the invitation would read:

Ms. <Bride’s name> and Mr. <Groom’s name>

Or if they are paying along with their families, the invitation would read,

Together with their families, Ms. <Bride’s name> and Mr. <Groom’s name>

What are you Inviting them To?

Now is the time to include more information as to why you are sending this invitation to them in the first place.  Some common “request” lines that can be found on invitations include:

Request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter (or son, if his parents are hosting the wedding)

Request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter (or son, if his parents are hosting the wedding)

Would be pleased if you would attend the marriage of their daughter (or son, if his parents are hosting the wedding)

If the couple themselves are hosting, then make it an invitation to a celebration, such as:

Invite you to join them at the celebration of their marriage

The Wedding Date and Location

To write the date of your wedding and reception in an invitation is to spell out the words rather than use numeric substitutes. So let’s say that your wedding was on Tuesday, May 25 2010.  The date would read:

Tuesday, the twenty-fifth of May

Two thousand and ten

At four o’clock in the afternoon.

For the location, if it is a well known spot then you do not need to include an address.  If it isn’t a well known location, include the title of the place your wedding is going to be at as well as the actual address, including the city and zip or postal code.

Most importantly, if there is going to be a reception or any kind of party afterwards, make sure you let your guests know.  Include something along the lines of:

Reception to follow at (name of reception location)

Dancing and Drinks to follow

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