How to Start your DIY Wedding Favors Project

December 7th, 20107:39 pm


How to Start your DIY Wedding Favors Project

One of the most tedious parts of planning the wedding for any bride is planning the favors.  Well, not so much planning the favors, but more like putting them together!  There is no doubt that putting the wedding favors together yourself will save you any where from a bit to a lot of money, but do-it-yourself wedding favors will also take a lot of your time.

If you are thinking about putting your own wedding favors together, there are some things that you should be considering, such as what to provide and discovering what resources are out there to help you with your project.

Enlist in Help

If you are putting together your wedding favors, now is the time to ask the maid of honor and your bridesmaids for a favor, too.  This is one of the main things that your bridal party will be helping with, so definitely get their input on the favors as well as use their extra hands when putting the do-it-yourself wedding favors together.

Make the Packaging Unique

Though it will cost a bit more than just using a basic box you may have found at the dollar store, having your packaging personalized to match you, your groom, and/or the theme of the wedding will make it all the more special to your guests.  If you make the packaging personalized, your guests will also keep it as a little keepsake, which is worth a whole lot more than saving a couple of cents.

Give yourself Time

Some brides look at the collection of little boxes and M&Ms that they have the day before the wedding and think, “I can get this done in an hour”.  Wrong!  Do not make the dreadful mistake of leaving your wedding favors to the day, or even the week prior to the wedding.  You will be so busy with many other details that the wedding favors will fall by the wayside.  Not only that, but your bridal party may be too busy with their own wedding preparations to help you out.

Where do I Find Items to Do my Own Wedding Favors?

If you are looking locally, a good place to start is to visit your local craft shop, and pay a visit to your dollar-store to see what sorts of small little items and gift bags they may offer (you’ll be surprised just how discount shops have cute items that will suit your taste!).

Another great place to look for wedding favor items and items to make them is online.  Auction websites can be a great place to look, and you can usually find some fantastic deals on these sites.  If you have a lot of guests in attendance, you will also probably receive a discount from a lot of websites if you buy over a certain quantity of wedding favor-related items.  If you are looking for a wedding favor website, simply type “wedding favors” into any search engine and you will see several results. If you know the theme of the wedding favor you would like, be sure to include that into your search request too (i.e. Las Vegas wedding favors).

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