How to Save Money on your Honeymoon

December 6th, 201012:44 pm


How to Save Money on your Honeymoon

So you have spent your life savings on your wedding.  Now you have to pay for your honeymoon too?  Though honeymoons can be expensive, if you plan right you can definitely save yourself a good chunk of cash.  Here are some of the best ways to ensure that you save money on your honeymoon:

There ARE Honeymoon Packages Available

Think about it: all resorts know that you are looking at them to throw your honeymoon, and they know that many other brides and grooms are too.  It’s a competitive market out there, which is exactly why you can scoop yourself up a great deal if you are looking for a honeymoon package.

After you decide the location for where you would like to go for your honeymoon, pick out 5 resorts at a time.  Call them up and see what they offer their honeymooners, such as a private candlelit dinner, the honeymoon suite with a private hot tub, or perhaps an extra bottle of champagne in your room.  All of these extras and you often can also receive quite a hefty discount as well, such as paying for 4 nights when you are staying 6 or 7.

TIP:  A lot of brides and grooms shop around online these days, but nothing tops giving a resort a phone call.  A lot of deals are not advertised online, or you can speak with a manager who can strike a special deal with you that isn’t offered to other guests, so never book a resort without phoning first.

Do your Research

If you do your research, you will be saving yourself a whole lot of money and a whole lot of time on your special day.  Start researching a year in advance, if possible, and purchase a couple of tourist books for the area or areas you’re interested in.  Gather information on what sites are worth seeing, which activities are worth passing on, and how much each of these things will cost you.  Often you can find some coupons or online discounts if you check in with the company.

Ask your Friends

There are a lot of friends who have probably also gone through the “honeymoon research” routine, so why not pick at their brains for a bit of extra help?  See what they looked at, what they liked, what they didn’t, and what sort of deals they encountered along the way.  If you go to the same area as they did, you’ll get a lot of inside information, like what the best restaurant in the area is and which beach is worth spending all of your time at.

Register for your Honeymoon

Creating a wedding registry to pay for your honeymoon has become increasingly popular these days.  Most couples have already moved in with one another long before they recite their vows, which means they have already bought the toaster, the grill, the coffee maker, etc.  Why not set up a registry with a travel company and have your guests contribute to your honeymoon?  You’ll be glad you did it!