How to Personalize your Wedding Food

December 7th, 20107:36 pm


How to Personalize your Wedding Food

When a lot of brides and grooms start out seeking a caterer, they tend to stick to what ever the caterer is offering on their “recommended” menu and stay with what ever it is that they recommend should be served. This doesn’t always have to be the case.  All brides and grooms can definitely personalize the foods that they serve, however they do have to know how to do it right.  So how can you?

The Catering Company

When you approach a caterer, a bride and groom has to be prepared for the fact that a caterer may simply serve just what he or she serves, and that’s that.  Some will only be buffet style; some will only serve 3 course dinners. But then again, there are some caterers who will serve just what you want – all you have to do is request it!  A lot of caterers will come to a bride and groom with a “recommended” menu, simply because they know that the bride and groom really do not know what they want at that point in time.  If you are thinking of recommending any specific foods, however, definitely do ask the caterer before even signing on with them and have it written into the contract.

The Potluck Dinner

An easy way to ensure that you will get most of what you want at your wedding is to arrange for a potluck wedding.  More and more couples are hosting “potluck” dinners as the costs of hosting a wedding increases, and the added benefit is that you will probably get the foods that you want!  When you sent out the invitation and RSVP card, you can include what food that the guest will be bringing (if any).  Once the guests confirm that they are bringing a certain food, take note. Make sure that you sent out a reminder note to them within 4 weeks of the wedding (an email reminder will do) otherwise you may very well have half of your guests forgetting to provide the food!

TIP:  If a guest does not offer to bring something to you dinner, be sure to call them and clarify that they aren’t actually bringing anything.  Some guests leave it blank as they are unsure of what they are bringing, or they are still thinking about what they could bring.

The Self-Hosted Dinner

So you know what you want, and you know where to get it. This is often where a bride and groom will set about arranging their own dinner, as well as providing their own foods for the guests.  If this is the case, then you will certainly want to consider hiring on some serving staff so as to relieve those responsibilities from yourself.  Remember, a bride and groom is there to have fun and enjoy the day, not to run around and try to serve chicken and beef to guests.

TIP: Looking for foods in bulk?  Go out to wholesale supermarkets and see what they have.  Monitor the sales for the next 3-6 months, and if any sales come up on items you are interested in, start saving your freezer space or ask friends of you can stow things away in their own freezer.

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