How to Narrow the Guest List

November 29th, 201011:30 am


How to Narrow the Guest List

One of the toughest things that a bride and groom will both have to do is to limit the guest list.  Limiting the guest list means potentially saving thousands of dollars, but it can be a rather trying and difficult thing to do.  So who do we get rid of from our guest list for your wedding day?

Co-Workers you Don’t Like

Don’t feel obligated to invite your entire office to your wedding; no one else does!  By all means take off any co-workers who aren’t “close friends”.  Acquaintances at work do not count as people who should be attending your wedding, nor do they likely expect to be invited.

If you do invite a co-worker to your wedding and exclude others, the reason why you invited them should be obvious (you talk after work hours, you are good friends, you enjoy each other’s company, etc.).  If this is not apparent, then you can tell any co-workers who are bothered by this that you have a closer relationship to this one particular person and though you would have liked to have invited them, you just couldn’t afford it.  Don’t feel bad about admitting that you have limited funds; no one has a limitless cash supply.

High school Friends

Oh yeah, you were great friends 10 or 20 years ago so you must still be good friends now… right?  What ever inspires people to invite their high school buddies who they haven’t seen for several years blows the minds of wedding planners across the nation.  If you haven’t spoken to someone in over a year who isn’t family, then there’s a good chance you can cross them right off of the list.  They may hear about it and be momentarily disappointed they weren’t invited, but kindly tell them that you both had not spoken in quite some time and it was mostly “family” at your event.

Others you Don’t Like

Don’t like a particular friend of yours?  Don’t invite them!  Not particularly fond of your 3rd cousin Jack?  Don’t invite him!  Though of course there will be a bit of drama that may arise from you not inviting a particular friend or family member, which is something you don’t necessarily want on your wedding day, if you truly dislike the person then they do not need to be invited to your wedding.  If they are not close family and they are not a good friend of yours, the bottom line is that they do not need an invitation nor should they expect one.

Consider the Non-Attendees

In a lot of cases, you will need to send invites out to friends and family who may be abroad who you know will not be attending your wedding, but you have to send invites out to anyways as a kind gesture.  Though 99.9% of these people who say they won’t come definitely cannot come, there is that 0.01% of people who will change their mind or find out that there is a change in their work schedule and will be able to attend.  When you send out those polite invitations that you figure will go unanswered, always be prepared for that guest you invited to show up.

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