How to Make your Very Own Wedding Arch

December 3rd, 20104:18 pm


How to Make your Very Own Wedding Arch

The wedding arch is perhaps the single most adored piece of décor for any wedding, whether it is an indoor wedding or one that is outside.  You will be looking back at it for years to come as it will be in the pictures of you standing before your soon-to-be husband or wife.  Making your very own wedding arch is not only fun, but it is also far less expensive than if you were to rent or buy one from a décor company.

To make your own wedding arch, you will need some supplies on hand, such as:

  • A metal or wooden arch
  • Several yards of tulle
  • Silk flowers (with stems)
  • Craft Styrofoam
  • A floral garland
  • A hot glue gun

Step 1: First we will start off with the arch itself.  You can find an arch at a craft store, a party store, or you can even find one at a hardware store for a fairly good price.  If you buy the arch during the off season (from October to March) you will definitely get a good deal on the price.  You may need to assemble the arch, so check and see what other additional materials you may need to do so.

Step 2: Once you have the arch pieced together, it’s time for the fun part – decorating the arch!  Begin by taking your tulle and draping it right across the top of the arch and then down the sides so that it is even at the bottom of each side.  Wrap the tulle loosely so that you are creating a whimsical, flowing look.

Step 3: Now it’s time to choose your silk flowers.  Once you have chosen them, place them so that the stem is down in the Styrofoam.  Keep on going until you have a consistent pattern and so that it has a “full” appearance.

Step 4: Now that the flowers are arranged, it’s time to begin gluing those stems right into the Styrofoam.  You will have some Styrofoam that will overlap some of the flowers, so take care to shave off any excess.

TIP:  You can try to find a Styrofoam that is the same color as the color stems, or you can paint the Styrofoam in advance to prevent any unsightly and obvious white Styrofoam from showing through.

Step 5: Take the bouquet that you have created and attach it to the top front of the arch.  You can affix the bouquet by running some wiring through the center of the foam and then wrapping the loose ends to the top of the arch.  The bouquet should conceal any noticeable wiring.

Step 6: You can now finish off the look by wrapping the floral garland right through the very top of the arch and then intertwining it with the tulle that is running down the sides of the arch.

Another beautiful addition that many brides and grooms choose to do is to use white little electrical lights and place the lights behind the tulle.  Once the lights are turned on, you will receive that pretty, iridescent effect.  It will look as if your wedding arch is glowing, just like the bride!

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