How to Make your own Wedding Jewelry

November 27th, 201010:36 am


How to Make your own Wedding Jewelry

Even if you aren’t the craftiest person in the world, you can still make beautiful wedding jewelry that will be truly unique and special on your most special of days.  You can custom the jewelry to look just as it should so that it fully compliments your dress and your own personal features.

All you need to start your DIY wedding jewelry project is:

  • Beads of colors you have pre-selected
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Clasps
  • Glue
  • Scissors

When it comes to choosing the beads, you may want to choose fake or real pearls, Swarovski crystals, and other clear or see through beads of various colors and metallic tones, such as silver.  These colored beads are great for accenting your jewelry.  If you have a particular color or colors already picked out for your wedding, then choose beads in those colors to help tie the color theme in all together.

Now that you have the beads all picked out, make sure that you have a needle that will be able to pass through the centre of the beads.  You may need to buy a special thin needle of you have smaller beads that have tiny holds.  The thread you choose should be strong thread, such as hand-quilting thread or upholstery thread.  Hand-quilting and upholstery thread is strong yet thin so it won’t be obvious or look tacky.  The clasps you choose should be of good enough quality that you do not have to worry about your jewelry falling off partway through your ceremony.  Choose the type of clasp you like best, whether it is a spring barrel clasp, a barrel, toggle or lobster clasp.

Once you have your materials gathered, here’s what you can do to make your own jewelry:

1)    Thread your needle (you do not need to cut the thread from the spool) and begin to string your beads.  You can keep the beads as a simple and elegant single strand, or you can include layers and dangles (if this is your first time, start off with a single strand).  Instructions on how to make flowers and dangles are below.

2)    Once you have added your beads so they are a design you like and they cover the appropriate length of thread (for necklaces, you generally want about 16” of thread, and 7” for bracelets), take one of your clasps and then tie it to the end of the thread.  Make sure that you tie a double knot (if not more knots) to ensure that the knot will not become undone.

3)    At the other end of the thread, cut it so that there are approximate 3” of bare thread at the end.  This ensures that you have enough thread to tie the thread onto the jump ring.  Again, make sure you use at least a double knot.

4)    Take your glue and dab a bit of glue on each knot.  Once it is dry, take your pair of scissors and trim off any excess thread.  And there you have it!  Your very own custom wedding jewelry.

How to make a Flower: To make a flower, take out five beads and add them to the thread.  Take your needle and then needle the thread back through the first bead.  Add two more beads and lead the needle and thread through the fourth bead.

How to make Dangles: To make dangles for your necklace, start off with some beads on the thread and then come back through the bead that is second to last on the thread.  You can then dangle few beads from there, or you can even create a “fringe” effect.

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