How to Get your Wedding Dress from Point A to Point B

November 26th, 201011:55 am


How to Get your Wedding Dress from Point A to Point B

If you are planning on having a destination wedding, there’s a pretty good chance that you won’t be wearing your wedding gown as you board the plane with your potential groom.  One of the most prominent problems and stresses that a bride who has planned a destination wedding has is, “How is my wedding dress going to get there?”

If you are driving, it can be as simple as laying it out in the backseat or on top of your other belongings in the trunk of the car.  But if you are flying, then it’s a whole other matter.

Choose a Dress that’s Right for the Occasion

If you are having a beach wedding, you certainly do not want a heavy, layered wedding dress on the day you say “I do”.  You will be sweating, and not from the pressure and stress of the wedding, but solely because the dress is just too hot and too heavy to be worn in 100 degree weather!  If you are having a destination wedding in a hot area of the world, plan to wear a lighter wedding dress that is also perhaps shorter in length.  You will be more comfortable, and it will blend in better with your surroundings.

Flying with your Wedding Gown

The best thing you can do is, when you are booking your trip and your flight, you guarantee and reserve a spot on the airplane’s “hanging closet” for your dress.  This is by far the most preferable way of transporting your dress as it will then not become damaged or wrinkled in a suitcase or carry-on.

If no room is available in the airplane’s hanging closet, then the next best option would be to carefully wrap your dress up in acid free tissue paper, and to then tuck it into a box that will be small enough to fit into any overhead compartment on the plane.

TIPCall the airline beforehand to find out what the measurements of their overhead compartment is and find a box that matches those dimensions as soon as possible.

Courier Services

If it does not seem as if flying with your dress is going to be a plausible option, then you may want to consider sending your dress to your destination by courier service. This will, of course, cost a lot more than choosing to walk in on a plane with your dress, but it will guarantee that your dress arrives in time for your wedding, undamaged.

When packing your dress for the courier, follow the same steps as you would should you be storing your dress in an overhead bin.  Pack the dress in acid-free tissue paper and place it in a box that will not be damaging the dress while it is in transit.  Make sure you send the dress a couple days prior to when you will be there, and contact the hotel on the day it is expected to arrive to see if it has made its way there.

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