How to Cut Costs on your Wedding Day

December 8th, 201012:51 pm


How to Cut Costs on your Wedding Day

Weddings are very easy to go over the budget on. With so many choices and options, expectations and wants, it can be incredibly easy to get tied up in contracts that were no where close to your original budget!  If you’re wondering where you can try to cut costs on your wedding, take a look at these cost cutting tips below:

Food & Beverages

Who says you need to have a full blown 3, 5, or 7 course meal?  Appetizers and cocktail hours are becoming all the rage as the cost of hosting a wedding climbs higher and higher

Rather than serve a full bar, stick with wine, beer, and maybe include a special signature cocktail to add some personal flair.  You can save even more money on the beer and wine if you make it your own and are able to serve it at your wedding!

You don’t need a champagne toast.  The wine and the beer that is on the table is enough for your guests.

Skip the elegant extravagant foods and stick with the comfort foods, like barbeque chicken, pastas like lasagnas and mac ‘n cheese, and sides like mashed potatoes and corn.


The best way to save tons of money on your reception: have an off-season wedding!  You’ll not only save a lot of money on the reception venue, but on the catering, the flowers, the décor, and more!

Another money saving tip: don’t have a Saturday wedding.  Opt for a Friday afternoon or Sunday wedding instead.

Try to host your ceremony and reception at the same location.  This will not only cut down on travel time and travel costs, but it will also cut down on the “by the hour” price you are paying your vendors.

Have larger tables (if possible) at you reception.  This will help cut down on linen costs and centerpiece costs.

Most importantly: slash the guest list.  You may feel momentarily guilty about cutting out that friend you know but haven’t spoken to in 5 years, but when it comes to costs, this is the first and best way to cut down on the expenses.


The best way to save money on flowers: don’t have flowers!  You can choose from a lot of alternatives and save bundles.

If you insist on having flowers, try to choose flowers that are going to be in season and that are popular.  Out of season flowers will be extremely expensive, and most guests don’t notice the difference between some tropical flower and a rose. Both are appealing and will impress your guests.

Another way to cut down on flower costs: have less flowers. Add more greenery to centerpieces and bouquets.


The best trick to saving money on a wedding cake is to order a wedding cake that is 1 to 2-tiers.  Purchase a large sheet cake that is of the same flavor of your wedding cake, hide it in the back, and serve that to your guests.  They will never know the difference!

The simpler the wedding cake, the less expensive it will be, so stick to simple add-ons and try to use fresh flowers rather than sugar flowers.

Using more conventional fillings and flavors for your cake will also cut down on the costs, so skip any sort of exotic fruity fillings like mango.

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