How to Create your own Floral Centerpieces

December 8th, 201012:40 pm


How to Create your own Floral Centerpieces

Nothing beats that classic arrangement of beautiful flowers in a glass vase.  If you aren’t too keen on spending a lot of money to have a florist create a simple centerpiece, absolutely anyone can craft their own floral centerpieces that will suit their wedding.  Here is what you will need to start the project:

  • Up to 75 stems of a more hardy flower, such as a rose
  • A container (this doesn’t need to be a glass globe or cube, you can choose a container that may better suit the theme of your wedding)
  • One-quarter inch green adhesive floral tape
  • A stem cutter
  • A stem stripper

Preparing the Stems and Flowers

Start off by removing any excess leaves, thorns, and other foliage from the bunch of flowers you have chosen.  Pull off any dead or wilting petals.

Next, fill up your sink or a large bucket with water and, while holding the stems underneath the water, take your stem cutter (or a knife) and then cut your stems about 2 inches from the bottom, and cut them at an angle (cutting at an angle allows for increased water absorption).

Allow your flowers to dry while holding the stems under water, and then place them in a bucket filled with cool water until you are ready to use the flowers.

TIP:  Do not cut the stems too short from the start.  Keep the long and trim them as you come close to completing the arrangement.

Assembling the Flowers

To assemble the flowers, simply hold one stem at a time, and then use your other hand to hold the flowers in place.  Start off by assembling four flowers in a square shape and keep them at even height. These flowers will be in the center of your floral arrangement.

Continue by adding other flowers one by one so that they encircle the center flowers.  This should create a “dome” shape once completed.

Securing and Measuring your Centerpiece

To secure the centerpiece, you will want to use the adhesive floral tape to bind the flower stems at a spot where they seem to naturally join (this will probably be within 3 to 4 inches below the heads of the flowers).  You can continue to bind the stems towards the end of the stems, but make sure you leave approximately 2 inches of excess beneath the bind for trimming purposes.

Now, hold up your arrangement to the container that you have chosen. This will help you gauge just how much stem you will need to trim from the ends.  As you trim, remember to cut at an angle.

Finishing and Storing your Centerpieces

When you place your centerpiece in the container, take extra care while doing so.  Once you have finished them, make sure that you keep the centerpieces well misted and refrigerated.  What ever you do, keep the centerpieces away from heat and away from light!

TIP:  If you have chosen roses as your flower and there is a bud that hasn’t opened yet, place the stem in hot water.  This will quicken the blooming process.

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