How to Create the Perfect Guest List

December 6th, 201011:51 am


How to Create the Perfect Guest List

Deciding who is going to come to your wedding is easier said than done.  You may think that it’s easy when you are writing down the obvious guests: parents, family, close friends, but then there are the gray areas such as which acquaintances should you be inviting?  Should you invite you boss or other co-workers?  Here are some tips to make sure that you have created the perfect guest list.

1) There are No Obligations

Brides and grooms often feel some sort of obligation to invite certain people, such as managers, supervisors, and other co-workers, or “friends of friends” who they know.  In some cases, you may have been invited to someone’s wedding who you did not know so well and so now you feel obligated to invite them to your own wedding.  Don’t let these feelings of guilt sway or change who you are inviting to your wedding!  Your guest list should be of people you want to see on your special day and no one else.

TIP:  Let all of your guests know right away that they are not to invite any strangers or extra people without your consent.  Parents in particular have the habit of inviting their friends and neighbors to your wedding without asking you, simply because they are your parents.  Let them know that they must clear all guests with you first before extending any invitations.

2) Cut the Extras

If your guest list is looking a bit too large for your liking, it’s important to set the ground rules so that both you and your groom know exactly who you should invite and under what circumstances.  Try to make it not as much about “balancing” both sides, i.e. you should both be allowed to invite 60 guests.  Make the list about who you and your groom really care about rather than fill up your “guest quota”.

3) Are Kids Allowed?

A lot of brides and grooms these days are choosing to not have children at their wedding, simply because they are an extra hassle and need to be looked after if they are quite young.  Make sure that if you are not having children at your wedding, you make this very clear to parents on the invitation.  Take into consideration that the parents will need to find a babysitter and make arrangements to ensure that their child is looked after, or they may not even be able to attend at all.

4) What about the “Plus One” Rule?

The “plus one” rule is a bit tricky.  A lot of guests assume that when they are invited, they automatically are allowed to bring a date.  This isn’t always the case.  Anyone you invite who has a spouse, a fiancé, or a long term boyfriend/girlfriend should receive a “plus one” invitation.  If you have guests who are looking for a date simply for the sake of bringing someone and they do not have a significant other, that’s where you are able to draw the line.  They may not like it at first, but once they get the wedding and meet some other cuties that will be in attendance they’ll be just fine.

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