How to Choose your Wedding Flowers

December 7th, 20102:38 pm


How to Choose your Wedding Flowers

So it’s decided: you’re definitely going to follow tradition and have flowers on your wedding day.  Now here comes the hard part – deciding which flowers and in what arrangement and which florist is going to put the whole thing together!

First Step: Choosing your Florist

Most of us do not have a florist that we visit regularly like we do the dentist or a family doctor.  Because of this, a lot of brides have no idea which florist to choose for their wedding day.  Check out some reviews online, if there are any available, and page through some wedding magazines to see if a florist in your area advertises there.

The best way to find a quality florist is word of mouth.  If you know of a bride who had beautiful flowers in the past few years, ask her who she used.  If you attend a church and you really enjoy the arrangements that are put together, ask your church which florist they use to do the arrangements.  Strolling by and visiting a florists shop will also give you a good idea of their particular style.

Second Step: Choosing your Wedding Flowers

The best way to start the process of choosing your flowers is to look through florist magazines, wedding magazines and online and make note of what flowers you like.  Cut the pictures out or print them off of your computer, and then bring the pictures in to your chosen florist.  Your florist will be able to advise you of the price of the flowers, as well as what other floral combinations you can put with the flowers you choose.  He or she can also tell you how many flowers you can combine with one another so that your bouquet and centerpieces will look full, yet not “too busy”.

It is also important to consider what season it is and what flowers are easily available at that time of year.  Some flowers are not available, or will only be available at an extravagant price.  If you happen to want a particularly rare flower, or one that is out of season, let your florist know well in advance so that he or she can perhaps find a supplier and fulfill your dreams.  Alternatively, they may be able to suggest a different flower that has a similar appearance but is far less expensive and available.

Step Three: Picking Up the Flowers

A couple of weeks prior to your big day, make sure you confirm the pick up time with your florist.  You want to make sure that the flowers will be ready in time for your event, and you want to be sure that you or someone else will be able to come and pickup the flowers at the appropriate time.

Most florists also do offer a delivery service, so if you absolutely do not have the time to spare to pick up the flowers, consider spending the extra money on delivery.

TIP: If someone else is picking up the flowers, make sure they know exactly where they should be delivering them.

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