How to Choose your Wedding Decorations

December 7th, 20102:19 pm


How to Choose your Wedding Decorations

Some women are absolutely delighted at the idea of choosing the decorations for their wedding ceremony and reception, while others are a little bit less enthusiastic.  It can be hard to really “envision” what your wedding is going to look like, especially if you don’t have a designing bone in your body.  To help you get things started, here are some things you should think about when choosing your wedding decorations:

At the Ceremony

If you are having your ceremony at a church or another religious hall, then chances are that you will hardly have to put any real thought into the decorations you include. Most of these establishments already have flowers, candles, and the whole works set up for you.  You may just want to include some aisle runners that are in the color of your wedding colors, or that are suitable for the theme of your wedding.

If you are having your ceremony in a hall, then what ever decorations you choose for your ceremony will probably be just the same as those that you choose for your reception.

At the Reception

Here is where you can really express yourself as a couple.  The point to having wedding decorations is to make your wedding your own, to tell your guest that this is who both you and the groom are and you’re proud to show it off!

If you don’t have a theme for your wedding yet, then you will definitely be having a few difficulties when trying to choose wedding decorations.  Really think about how you would like your wedding to appear. What colors do you like?  Do you want to have a laid back wedding?  Or are you yearning for something with a bit more “class” and sophistication?  Check out some of the trendiest color combinations out there too, such as pinks and browns, blues and blacks, and metallic colors like silver and gold which are always “in”.

Centerpieces are usually the focal point to all wedding décor, and they usually take the most consideration.  Do you want flowers to be in your centerpieces?  Or perhaps you would like to go with something a bit more alternative.  A lot of brides love using fish in a beautiful vase, or you can also use rocks, votive candles, mirrors, books, picture frames – the list goes on and on as to what you can use for your own centerpieces.  You can also choose to either do them yourself (which will save you a whole lot of extra money) or you can have someone else put them together for you.

TIP:  For non-floral centerpiece ideas, visit your local craft store and see if you can pick up any inspiration there.  Talk to someone who works there and see if they have any ideas, or have come in contact with any brides who have made their very own centerpieces.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have spent on your decorations, just as long as they really speak to you and your groom.

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