How to Choose the Right Wedding Invitation Stationary for your Wedding

November 29th, 20106:32 am


How to Choose the Right Wedding Invitation Stationary for your Wedding

The invitation that you send out to your guests before your wedding helps define just what your wedding is about.  The style of the invitation, the fonts used, the colors – these things all paint a picture of what your wedding is going to be like.  When considering what wedding stationary to use to announce your big day, don’t make it a quick and thoughtless decision; take the time to find the stationary that you really love and that will suit your special day.  Here are some of the key factors that must be taken into consideration:

The Style of your Wedding Invitation

Think about how you want your wedding to appear: is it a casual wedding?  Or is it extremely formal and elegant?  Perhaps your wedding is some where between the two choices.  Knowing how your wedding is going to appear is going to go a long way in helping you decide what wedding stationary you are going to use.

Traditional and more formal weddings should choose invitations that are on ivory, white or ecru colored paper (it is a good idea to choose a tone that is close to the shade of your dress).  Having the lettering in either black or dark grey is also very traditional and is very popular.

More modern and different weddings may want to choose a funkier wedding invitation that includes modern graphics and lay outs, as well as bright, layered colors and different shapes of the invitation itself too.  Some people choose recycled paper invitations, some go for those with photographs of both the bride and groom together.  Some modern ones contain multiple pages that each help tell the story about how the bride and groom met and how life has brought them to marriage!

Think about where you are having your wedding as well: is it in a tropical location?  Is it during a certain season?  Are you getting married in a garden terrace?  Incorporating these details into your invitation stationary will help set the tone for your day.

How to Order your Wedding Invitation Stationary

First and foremost, before you choose the number of invitations that you need, take a good hard look and consider who needs a wedding invitation.  Do not count each person individually; anyone who is in a “couple” relationship should just receive one.  Families with children should receive just one invitation.  In some cases, if there are several people living in one household who may be grandparents, aunts and uncles, and even cousins, you could get away with sending one invitation.  This will save you a bit of money that you can then put towards your reception.

While you are ordering your wedding invitation stationary, check into whether you can get a discount on “thank you” cards as well as place cards for your reception.  In this situation, you will of course need a place card for every guest who is attending.

TIPSome venues will supply place cards, so check and see if they do this for free before spending money on them.

To find suppliers, you can check out local print shops, or take a peek online and compare prices.

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