How to Announce your Engagement

December 6th, 201011:30 am


How to Announce your Engagement

He’s gone down on one knee, he’s cracked open the ring box, and you managed to say “yes!” amongst your mounting excitement.  Congratulations, you’re engaged!  Your mind begins to swirl with tons of wedding planning ideas, like what dress you’ll wear and where you’ll hold it and oh, who are you going to invite?

Before any of that, you first have to announce your engagement. Rather than change your status on a social networking site on the Internet, it’s important that you announce your engagement properly to the “right” people.  For example, if you have children already or if your husband-to-be also has children, it’s important to tell them first.  Remember, you are changing their family dynamic which, while it may be exciting for you, it can be upsetting for them.  Ask the children how they feel, ask them to share any fears they may have, and try to allay those fears in any way you can.

Next up:  the parents.  You can go ahead and introduce your engagement to both of your parents together, or you can announce it to each parent individually.  While it is best to tell your parents in person, sometimes that’s not always possible.  Give them a call within a day to let them know.  Your close friends will undoubtedly already be suspecting that you are engaged at this point, so you don’t want them spilling the beans to your parents before you get a chance!

Then there are your friends and family.  A handful of your friends probably already know that you are engaged, as grooms-to-be tend to go to a bride’s friends for some helpful tips and hints on what he should do when he asks the bride to marry him.  Don’t be surprised if they don’t act overly surprised.  Make sure you tell any siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles about your engagement too.

So you have your children, parents, friends and other family members covered.  Now it’s time to break the news to your office.  You should let your colleagues and co-workers know, perhaps starting with your closest friend in the office or your boss.  You won’t have to tell everyone; telling just a couple of co-workers will definitely spread the word.  Don’t be too surprised if you don’t get a whole lot of work done that day, as all of the ladies in the office will undoubtedly be stopping by to take a look at your beautiful new ring!

Once you have all of these different groups of people covered, now you can change your status on your social networking site to “engaged”.  You may also want to consider a print ad in the newspaper advertising your engagement, or you can also create a wedding website to kick start your wedding planning.

TIP:  As you begin announcing your engagement to people, your friends and family will probably begin to ask you about who you are going to have in your bridal party.  Some friends and family may immediately assume that they are a bridesmaid, or your maid of honor.  Keep your lips shut and tell them that you just want to enjoy your new engagement and will think about that stuff later.  Give yourself a week to really think about who you want to be in your wedding party

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