How to Allay the Post Wedding Blues

December 6th, 20109:16 am


How to Allay the Post Wedding Blues

You spent months if not years planning the thing, and then in one fell swoop it’s all over and done with within a 24 hour time span.  A lot of brides are left feeling restless or even sad after their wedding day, and often don’t even know what to do with all of that time that they had previously used planning the wedding!  Here are some ways you can quickly allay those post wedding blues:

Think About the Future

You being married is all about planning for your future!  Start off by sitting down and talking with your new husband about what you would like and how you picture your perfect future to be if you haven’t already.  It’s time to dig into some serious discussions like careers, buying a home, and having children.  Start planning for these things and think about setting aside a savings account for other endeavors you will want to undertake, such as vacationing amongst the pyramids in Egypt or having a relaxing weekend in Hawaii.

Make a Scrapbook

Once you have all of your photos and mementos from your wonderful day gathered, it’s a good idea to put them all in a scrapbook while you still have a ton of that “extra time” on your hands.  You can find a basic scrapbook at any craft store, which will also have different decals and stickers you can apply, different sheets of paper, and even picture frames that you can use to stick onto the scrapbook pages.  You will be able to relive your special day again and again.

Frame It

Once you have your pictures back from the photographer, it’s time to start looking at different framing options for your images.  You can choose to have a professional framer do it, or you can choose the frames yourself (if you’re lucky enough to find the correct size!).  Spend some time researching different frame styles, prices, and think about where you will want to have these pictures displayed. This will help you decide the size of the image as well as the type of frame or frames that will be used.

TIP:  Craft stores sometimes have some great deals on frames, so don’t settle with the first framer that you meet.  Look around and check out prices and framing options!

Spend Time with your Girlfriends

A lot of brides make the mistake of not spending a lot of time with their girlfriends for the first few months or even years after they get married.  Though it is important to spend time with your groom and adjust to your new lifestyle, it’s equally important to remember to keep your girlfriends in your life and to spend time with them.  Have a post-wedding party and invite all of your girlfriends, or throw a movie night with dinner either before or after and catch up.  Chances are you will be told a whole lot of stories about what happened at your wedding which you were completely unaware of, so be prepared for some hilarious stories!

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