How to “Measure Up” for your Wedding Dress

December 3rd, 20104:26 pm


How to “Measure Up” for your Wedding Dress

All brides want that perfect dress for their perfect day, but that also means taking accurate measurements of your body, especially if you are having your dress custom made!  Custom made dresses are becoming all the rage these days, particularly as companies overseas can reproduce a $3000 dress and have it only cost you $300.  The one thing that they will need to have to ensure that your dress will fit properly is your measurements.

To properly measure yourself for your custom made wedding gown, you will need a few things:

–          Measuring tape

–          A sizing chart

–          Pencil and pad of paper to write down your measurements

–          A friend to help with the measurements

–          A full length mirror (optional if you have a friend to help)

So where do you start?

The Bust

To measure your bust, stand with your shoulders even and raise your arms up.  This is where your friend will come in handy.  Have your friend take the measuring tape and place the tape right around the front and fullest part of your bust (this is usually around the nipple area) and, keeping the measuring tape even, bring it around behind your back.

The Waist

A lot of women don’t actually know what or where their waist is!  The waist on your body is the smallest measurement in your midsection, so where your sides tuck in the most.  This is usually slightly above the belly button.  You or a friend can bring the measuring tape evenly around your body, and then write down the measurement you receive there.

The Hips

The hips are usually 7 inches or so below where your waistline lies, and slightly below your pelvic bone.  Think about where the fullest part of your bottom is, and bring the tape around there to the front of your hips.  It is useful to have someone help you with this, unless you do have a full length mirror.  A full length mirror will provide you with a side view so that you can actually see just where your hips are the widest.

TIP:  Do not measure for how small you are planning to be; measure for how your body is now.  All too many brides buy a dress that is too small even after they measure because they think they are going to lose weight.  Losing weight before your wedding day is no easy feat, so unless you are 100% determined to drop the 5 to 10 pounds needed to drop down a dress size, stick to the size you are measuring at now.  It’s easier for a seamstress to make a dress smaller, not larger.

Additional Tips

Most women are 5’6” and below, so the length of the standard size dress is tailored to fit these women.  The closer to 5’5” or 5’6” you are, the less length-related alterations you will need to make to the dress.  If you are below 5’2”, you should consider choosing a “petite” length dress.  If you happen to be taller than 5’9”, consult your custom dress maker on how they can accommodate your height.

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