How do I Plan Transportation for my Wedding?

November 27th, 201010:17 am


How do I Plan Transportation for my Wedding?

Planning transportation may not be one of the most fun elements of planning your wedding, but it fortunately is generally the easiest.  Though a lot of brides and grooms initially may consider transportation an extra and unnecessary expense, this could not be further from the truth.  Your wedding day is going to be a jam packed and stressful day; does a bride or groom really want to be jumping in and out of their car, racing around picking everyone up themselves or depending on a friend who just wants to enjoy the day?  Not only that, but can the bride’s dress even fit into a standard car?

When planning transportation, you will not only have to take both the bride and the groom into consideration, but other people who will be attending your wedding.  Let’s start off with the happy couple:

Bride and Groom

When you see yourself arriving at your wedding and the reception, what exactly do you see?  Do you see you both parking your cars in the parking lot of the church or wedding venue and walking in?  Or do you see yourselves stepping out of an elegant stretch limo, looking absolutely stunning?  Most brides and grooms are willing to pay a couple hundred dollars to alleviate themselves the stress of trying to transport themselves to their wedding and reception, but if you enjoy the thought of pulling up in your own personal vehicle then all power to you!  Consider that an expense saved (just make sure you don’t drive home after having a few drinks at your reception!).

Family and Attendants

A lot of couples like to also arrange for transportation for their families and close attendants so that they too do not need to bother with the hassle of getting to and from places.  Count everyone who will need or would like transportation that day, and then start looking at what sort of e vehicle or vehicles are required to transport that number of people.  Sometimes a couple of nice rented vehicles are all you need, whereas other groups may need a party bus or two to transport their guests.  No matter what the transportation is, your family and attendants will surely appreciate the ride.


Though guests customarily find their own way to the wedding, if you would like to arrange a pick up bus service for them you can inquire with bus and tour companies to see if they will be able to accommodate your request.  Transportation may be a good idea if you have a lot of family and friends who have come from out of town and do not have a vehicle or are not transit-savvy enough to get around.

Specialty Transportation

So the limo idea makes you yawn, and you don’t feel like arriving in a town car.  If you are thinking of making a big splash when you arrive at your wedding, such as arriving by boat (if you are being married by water), helicopter, a horse drawn carriage or any other method, then you should plan this as soon as possible.  As these are rather unique methods of transportation, you have to book early otherwise they may be taken by the time you make a call.

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