How do I Choose my Wedding Colors?

November 27th, 201010:11 am


How do I Choose my Wedding Colors?

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  Now that the sparkling ring has been placed on your finger, it’s time to plan-plan-plan!  The only problem is just where do you start?

There are an overwhelming amount of different plans that have to be made for your wedding, but one of the things that you must figure out early on are what your wedding colors will be. Figuring out your wedding colors now will help you plan out your venue, your theme, the linens and chair covers, as well as many other details that will surround your wedding.

So what will your wedding colors be?

If you’re having trouble choosing what colors you want to deem as your “wedding colors”, then there are a few things that you can think about, such as:

–          You want one color to be the predominant or “primary” color, and to have one or two complimentary colors

–          If you have chosen your reception and/or wedding venues, do either have a strong tone that would suit your color?

–          Are you set on having a particular type of flower at your wedding?

–          Have you or your bridesmaids already chosen the bridesmaids dresses?

If you have picked out the color, or the flowers, or the venue and/or wedding site, then it is a good idea to try and base your colors on what colors those items have to help create a “theme”.  If you have just started planning however and don’t have any of those things set up yet, then you have free reign!

One thing to consider is what season you will be having your wedding.  Here are some general color guidelines depending on the time of year you are having your wedding:

–          Spring and Summer months:  Pastels and bright, bold colors are great choices for thee months

–          Winter months: Deep jewel tons such as purples, burgundies, greens, and silvers are all great choices for the winter months

–          Fall months: Think of harvest tones, such as yellows, oranges and reds

When it comes to choosing colors for your wedding, there definitely are some things to avoid, such as:

–          Avoid overdosing on black. Though black can be rather easy to use, and it looks classy, it can also cause your wedding to appear more like a funeral than a celebration of your marriage.

–          Don’t choose trendy shades simply because they are what’s “in”.  You don’t want to lose your personality when you choose your colors.  Besides, this wedding is all about you and your spouse, so why would you choose bright pink or turquoise when those colors aren’t even what you’re “about”?

–          Two colors are all you need.  You don’t need a rainbow of colors for your wedding reception.  If you choose too many colors, guests will be confused, and the whole message behind choosing particular colors will be completely lost.

If you absolutely need three different colors, then that’s fine, particularly if one is a metallic tone such a as a gold or silver tone.  These tones can be used to “accent” the other colors that you have already chosen.

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