How do I Choose a Wedding Theme?

November 29th, 20105:54 pm


How do I Choose a Wedding Theme?

Choosing a theme for your wedding can be one of the most stressful and trying things that a bride will ever face.  Unless you have been planning this day for a while in your mind, coming up with fantastic wedding theme ideas that will compliment both you and your partner can be difficult, if not seemingly downright impossible.

Stress no more!  Here are some great ideas to help kick start your wedding theme brainstorming.

Seasonal-Themed Weddings

You can choose a whole lot of different things that are related to the season you are having your wedding in.  Spring is a season of freshness and rebirth, so you can choose items that are a reflection of that theme.  Flowers, rebirth, and nature are all great spring themes.  For a summer theme, consider hot spicy colors and beach-themed weddings.  Fall is a great time of year to take advantage of rich tones and natural themes as well, such as bold red leaves and rich orange pumpkins.  Winter can have a snow or ice theme, which could incorporate icy blues, silvers and black tones.

Location, location, location!

Having your wedding in a special location?  Then incorporate that into your theme!  Having a destination wedding, such as a Vegas or Mexican wedding, makes for an easy theme.  If you are having a wedding some where locally but at a special establishment, such as a museum or a garden, you can incorporate these locations into your theme too.  Think about the colors that are in the location you will be in and if there are any particular symbols that are representations of that place.

Cultural Weddings

If you or your spouse are of a particular ethnic group, then your wedding is definitely a time to let that shine.  You can choose foods that are inspired by where you or your partner are from, wear the dress that the culture would wear, and incorporate entertainment during the reception or even during the ceremony to pay homage to your culture.  Your guests will absolutely love it!

Time of Day

Having a morning wedding?  Create theme that is based around the morning theme, such as the rising sun or dewy grass.  Afternoon weddings are bright and shimmering, and a night time or evening wedding can have a more sophisticated theme and feel.  Evening weddings do well with a black and white theme, which when used appropriately can give any wedding on any budget that sophisticated feel.

Recreational Activities

If you and your partner share a common recreational activity, such as golfing, rock climbing, or painting, by all means take that pastime you both enjoy and make that your theme!  Your friends and family will immediately recognize that the theme is directly linked to you and your partner, which they will surely appreciate.  If possible, you can even plan to have your ceremony and/or reception at a location where you and your partner like engaging in these recreational activities for that added personal touch.

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