How do I Choose a Wedding Cake?

November 29th, 20106:04 am


How do I Choose a Wedding Cake?

Think that finding your perfect wedding cake is as perfect as finding a picture of that “perfect cake” and handing it to a baker?  Think again.  There are a lot of things that you need to consider before buying a wedding cake, and even more importantly a lot of brides and grooms are completely oblivious as to what the final cost for the cake is going to be.

To make sure that you are prepared when you choose your wedding cake, here are some things that you need to consider before having your dream cake made.

When to Start Hunting for a Cake Designer

The ideal time frame in which you will begin to look for a cake designer for your wedding is 4 to 6 months.  If you have a particular baker in mind that you are dying to have create for your wedding day on the day you become engaged, by all means give them a call and book them as soon as possible.  Some of the more talented and best bakers out there are easily booked for a year in advance.

Check with your Venue

While it can be rare that a venue would have restrictions on who can bring in a cake, this does and will happen to some brides.  In these situations, an in-house baker or an “approved” baker must be employed by you to create the cake; otherwise you cannot have one.  Alternatively, some of these venues will charge you an additional fee for using your own baker rather than one of their “in-house” bakers.

Health Concerns

No matter who is baking your cake, what you need to find out is if the designer meets all of the criteria set by your local health department.  You can ask to see their license to operate and own a baking facility.  If you are going through a private friend or a private baker who does not do this professionally, ask to see their kitchen area and give it a quick inspection.


You may be used to finding those pre-made cake mixes in the grocery store that cost $1-$2 for a box, and perhaps another $1-$2 for icing.  No wonder so many brides and grooms are absolutely gob smacked to find out that the cake they wanted cost well over $900!  A general rule is that every slice of cake you will be providing to your guests will cost you any where from $5-$15, the price being dependent on how labor-intensive the cake is.  The more detail that has to go into the design, the more costly it will be for the bride and groom.  Tiers, layers, and design are all things that will affect the overall cost of the cake.

Here’s something else that is generally forgotten when it comes to wedding cakes:  getting it to the venue. Most bakers absolutely insist that they will be the ones to deliver the cake themselves.  They created this masterpiece and they want to ensure it reaches its final destination unscathed.  Expect to be paying a delivery fee and also their gas mileage both to and from the reception venue.

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