How can I Cut Down my Guest List?

December 7th, 20107:30 pm


How can I Cut Down my Guest List?

Most brides and grooms would like to invite a whole lot of people to their wedding, a desire which is often primarily ruled by guilt. For what ever reason, when a wedding comes along, we suddenly feel inspired to invite our best friends from our grade school classes and our neighbor who lived 3 doors down when we were kids.  But the sad truth is that the larger the guest list, the larger the budget we better have, otherwise we will have to be making other big cuts to other parts of our wedding.

Listen to your Money

You have set a certain budget and you should not, by any means, exceed it.  The budget is what will keep you in line and out of debt, so if inviting those extra 20 people from your office is what is going to put you thousands of dollars in the hole, cut them out!  Financially speaking, it just isn’t worth it, no matter how guilty you may feel for not inviting your co-workers who you briefly speak to by the water cooler each morning.

Know what you Want

Some brides dream of that private little quaint wedding, only to then realize that their guest list may consist of well over 150 people – not so private and quaint any more!  You will have to make the hard decision about whether the type of wedding you want is more important than those extra guests you would have to cut as a result.

You are Not a Bad Person

So you didn’t invite Christine from grade 5 or your high school art teacher you promised you would invite to your wedding one day should it ever, ever happen.  Should you feel guilty about it?  Absolutely not!  This is your day, not theirs.  If you haven’t spoken to someone in well over a year, unless they are an important family member, then chances are that you can definitely leave them off of the guest list.  Feel the pang of guilt for a second, sure, but then move right along to other things that need to be done.  This wedding isn’t going to plan itself!

What about the Kids?

If you are planning on having children attend your wedding, if you happen to have quite a few of them who are under the age of 12, you may want to consider hiring on a babysitter to watch the children during the ceremony and even during the reception.  You can set up a separate table for them, and provide them with separate meals and/or menus that are more “kid friendly”.  It may also be a good idea to hire on someone special for them to keep them busy, such as a clown, a mime or a caricaturist for entertainment purposes.

TIP:  If you aren’t going to be inviting any children along, then make sure that it is rather clear on the invitation that no children are mentioned.  Make sure that the RSVPs are only the “Mr.” and the “Mrs.” Of the household, and not to the entire “Family”.

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