How can Bridesmaids Help the Bride?

December 8th, 201012:33 pm


How can Bridesmaids Help the Bride?

You have had the honor of being asked to be a bridesmaid for one of your good friends’ wedding, an honor that not many others will be able to share on this wonderful day.  Bridesmaids know they will be front and center with the bride on that day, but how else can a bridesmaid help the bride so that the bride’s wedding day turns out to be exactly how she has always envisioned it?


A great way to take initiative is to ask the bride when she wants the wedding invitations to be ready.  Once you find out the date, corral the other bridesmaids and arrange for a time when you can all come over and address and stuff envelopes together. Bring some wine, tasty treats, and turn up the music.  You can easily turn a tedious and monotonous chore into a party!

Wedding Favors and Centerpieces

Something that almost all bridesmaids are expected to help with are the wedding favors.  Brides will also appreciate it if a bridesmaid steps in and helps to make some simple centerpieces, or escort or placement cards for the reception.


Your friend is sure to get the “pre-wedding” jitters or anxiety attacks before the big day, so it’s your job to keep her distracted enough so that these do not become a serious problem!  Take her out dancing, to the pub to talk, take her to the movies, or simply hang out at home and talk about anything but her wedding.

Keep her Cup Full

During the reception, get to know what the bride is drinking and make sure that her glass is always nice and full.  Though everyone else may be making it to the open bar, with so many distractions it’s less than likely that your bride will ever arrive at the bar.  Arrange for yourself or someone else to bring her drinks.

Take Care of Business After Hours

Once the party is coming to a close, most guests, and even bridesmaids and groomsmen, completely disappear from the scene. This means that the bride and groom are left having to take care and oversee everything until the wee hours of the morning. Being there with them to make sure that the top tier of their cake is packed up and ready to go, that the cake topper is removed, and that great Aunt Sheila made it to her car alright after the ceremony will mean the world to an already busy bride and groom.

For the Honeymoon

Though every bridesmaid sure would rather be going on the honeymoon than pack for one she isn’t attending, you can help pack a little bag for the bride that will be filled with essentials she may have forgotten, such as sun tan lotion, sunglasses, moisturizer, lip gloss, a camera, and deodorant.  Even the most organized of brides regularly forget to bring things along on their honeymoon as they have spent every bit of their attention solely on the wedding day.

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