Hottest Wedding Band Styles for 2010

November 27th, 20109:42 am


Hottest Wedding Band Styles for 2010

So you have the engagement ring.  You have the wedding date picked, you have a venue for the reception and the ceremony, and now you’re getting down to the finer details – like choosing a wedding band.

A lot of men and women think of a wedding band being a singular gold ring that may either be yellow gold, white gold, or platinum.  Some are even coming in titanium, too.  But here’s the fun part: you don’t have to stick with a wedding band that’s just a simple, plain circle.  You and your soon-to-be husband or wife should really take the time to choose a wedding band that is a reflection of our personality or that is a reflection of your relationship.  Here are some of the hottest wedding bands that are flying off of jeweler’s shelves this year.

Antique Wedding Bands

Though some people don’t like the idea of wearing someone else’s old ring, especially at the beginning of a brand new marriage, you can find some fantastic and unique wedding antique wedding bands.  Better yet, they may cost a fraction of the price – especially if it is a wedding band that has been passed down in you or your partner’s family for ages.

You can find antique wedding bands at antique shops, some second hand stores, and pawn shops too.

The Diamond Eternity Wedding Bands

Diamond eternity wedding bands are perhaps the hottest new trend for married couples this year!  Who doesn’t want a ring that is encrusted with gorgeous, glimmering diamonds?  Men and women both are jumping at the chance to get their hands on these glamorous rings that are truly a reflection of a relationship that will never end.

You can have a diamond eternity band set in any type of metal, though the most popular type of meta used is platinum.

TIPCan’t afford diamonds all around the ring?  Why not go for a half diamond eternity band?  These rings feature beautiful diamonds around the top half of the ring.  Some people argue that the full diamond eternity rings are easily damaged and that diamonds on the underside of the ring are easily lost, so a half diamond eternity band is a great and perhaps even more “functional” choice.

Unique Handmade Wedding Bands

Nothing is more unique than having you wedding band custom made.  You and your future spouse can create your very own design for the handmade wedding ring, and then inquire after an artisan who will be able to fulfill your dreams.  You can choose different metals, gems, and designs to be placed onto your wedding band.  You can be sure that your handmade wedding band will be the focus of a whole lot of attention for the rest of your life.


Okay, so these may not be physical “rings”, but a lot of brides and grooms are stepping out and getting each other’s names, initials, or last name tattooed on their left ring finger to show that they have formed a permanent bond.  If you’re looking for something that is unique and a bit off-beat, this is a creative way to go.

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