Help! I have a Lazy Groom!

November 27th, 201011:52 am


Help!  I have a Lazy Groom!

As a bride, since the day you became engaged you have probably scoured the internet for all kinds of information on wedding planning and resources.  You have located caterers, florists, thought of some creative gifts and you have a good idea of what colors and theme you want. Chair covers, linens, guest list – you have it covered!  That’s when you turn around and you see him – your future husband, sitting on the TV with remote in hand and flicking mindlessly through the channels.  Or even worse, he may be sitting back and watching YOU do all of the work!

“Lazy Groom Syndrome” (we like to refer to it as “LAGS”) is something that seems to strike about 90% of all husbands-to-be out there.  You ask a question, they say “I dunno”.  You ask them if they like chocolate or vanilla better, they say “I dunno”.  You want to settle the guest list, and they say, “Later”.  Just how can you give these LAGS a good kick in the behind so you can get them participating in the planning?

Make a To-Do List

Having an actual list written out that he can follow will go a long way in getting things down.  A lot of brides seem to think that their partner should know what she is doing, given how much she has been talking about it for the past 2 weeks.  Sorry, ladies; he wasn’t picking up your “subtle” hints indicating that you need help.  He just figured you had it all covered!

Sit down with your partner, take the remote control out of his hand and talk about what you want your wedding to look like.  Talk about what you will need to do in order for this wedding to be a success.  Once you have done that, you can make a list of things that you must do and begin delegating the responsibilities.  Be sure to put a timeline on the tasks as well, otherwise they may very well be left until the very last minute.

Stop Nagging

With LAGS, the harder you nag usually means the less that they will try.  Remind him once, point to the to-do list, receive acknowledgement that he’ll do it within the time frame you both agreed upon, and leave it to him.  If he decides to leave it until the last day on the timeline and stress out about it, that’s not your problem.  That’s when you hit the spa for a few hours to decompress from all of this wedding planning!

Bribery Never Hurts

Setting up a sort of exchange system for their services when planning the wedding is almost a definite success to getting things done.  If your husband-to-be likes to play golf, entice him with a whole day out with the boys if he gets a certain task or tasks done.  Offer to make his favorite dinner, or excuse him of duties he usually has (i.e. if he’s usually the one scrubbing down the washroom each week, tell him he can have a week off and you’ll do it instead).