Hawaiian Wedding Dress and Theme

May 1st, 20109:21 am


Hawaiian Wedding Dress and Theme

Nothing says exotic destination like a beautiful Hawaiian Island sunset on the clean beige sands of the much loved tropical island. Hawaii is a popular wedding location, however, for some of us, work and perhaps lack of money may prevent this from happening. Not to mention…FAMILY. If you want your family to join you, the previously mentioned deterrents can be magnified ten times over. Even if you don’t plan on visiting the island for the big day, there is nothing saying you can’t use a Hawaiian wedding dress and incorporate other traditional Hawaiian themes to your ceremony.

If you are in Hawaii this will be a given, but if your doing a main-land Hawaiian theme — be sure to have Leis available. They’re wreath-like decorations, that are standard gifts given to tourists when the step off the plane. But they aren’t just used for that purpose, they are “Symbols of Love and Commitment” and you will find them used in ceremonies and parties all over the islands. If your utilizing a Hawaiian wedding dress and theme, it goes without saying they would be standard fare for your wedding. Special Leis made with ginger are given to the couples mothers, while Leis with green tea leaves are given to the couples fathers — this is a symbol of gratitude in Hawaiian culture.

By design, a Hawaiian wedding dress and wedding atmosphere are quite simple. Many island leaves, flowers and fruits are incorporated — however the traditional main-land weddings we are used to are quite a formal affair, whereas Hawaiians have a comparably more “laid back” ceremony. A Hawaiian wedding dress, along with a simple flower in the left ear, and sometimes a veil are all a bride will wear. The soon-to-be husband will wear a set of white slacks and shirt, along with a red colored sash and Lei. You could say they find beauty in simplicity. The ceremony takes place in a circle of flowers called the “Circle of Love” where vows are exchanged.

While you’ll want your Hawaiian wedding dress, and traditional garb — you don’t necessarily have to have a “flower shower wedding” with your theme if you need to keep costs down. There is another tradition called the “Sand Ceremony” where the couple each pour colored sand into a single bottle, symbolizing their two souls merging together. The sand can really become a lasting symbol for the two people joining their lives together — flowers are beautiful, but remember you can’t save them forever. The “Sand Ceremony” is really a lasting, romantic event.

So get your traditional Hawaiian wedding dress, conch shell (for traditional starting of the wedding event), Hawaiian band, and prepare for the massive roasted pig feast with tropical fruit afterward. To restate what was mentioned previously: Beauty in simplicity. While it may first seem like an expensive event, the items required for the wedding are quite inexpensive. If you find you, and your family on the island itself, then your most expensive item will be the plane tickets to get you there. I bet you can all hear “Blue Hawaii” by Elvis playing in your head right about now.